Conversations with the heart 2.1

Heart is a very powerful magnet. It attracts thoughts.It reflects through feelings and emotions. Thoughts are the games of mind. Emotions and feelings are the products of the heart. The Sun is the all powerful entity in the universe . The heart is the all powerful entity in the body .In this regard , it can be said that sun and heart are not two but one entity .The heart is a micro sun and the sun is a macro heart . The world of things and beings can not be imagined without the sun . In the same way , life can not be imagined without the heart . That is why ,it has been said in the Rig Veda that ‘ ‘ SURYASYA ATMA JAGATAH TASTUTHASTAH ” which means the sun is the soul of the entire world . If such a great glory is there between the sun and the heart ,there must be a very strong relationship between the two . If they are such an important and only resourse of life ,there must be very powerful communication between the two . It is not under the capacity of man made languages to have an access to understand the heart of the sun and the sun of the heart . Knowing ,understanding and realising the most mysterious inner meaning of the overall vital forces of the entire existence is possible by the education of the heart . I invite the seekers to come on the platform of the Mangod Power not only to enhance the level of consciousness ,but also to protect the world from disease ,war and disasters and also to save the whole humanity .

Published by Amar Bahadur Singh

I am a professional speaker . I deliver lectures on spiritualism . I hold workshops on Meditation ,Yoga and Dhyana . I conduct programmes on ASTRAVAKRA GITA , BHAGVAD GITA ,UPANISHAD and many other spiritual topics which become very useful corporate and spiritual domain . I conduct counselling programmes on STRESS ,DEPRESSION ,NEGATIVITIES and many other psychological problems .

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