Listening to the heart

Do you listen to your heart ? Do not answer to anyone else .Only think about it seriously .What do you do when you fall in any critical situation ? Do you feel the conflict between the heart and the mind ? Take a pause here ,for a moment ,as conflict between the two is very common .Noticing ,feeling ,recognising and differentiating the notions of the heart and mind as particular is not so easy . Most of the time ,decisions are taken ,but the decision taker does not know whose decision it really was . Was it of the mind or of the heart ? Did it come spontaneously from the mind or from the heart ?                                        Sometimes ,listening to the heart is not so difficult ,but obeying it is very difficult .        Sometimes ,you spend money luxuriously on any family ceremony or on any social occassion .You go beyond your capacity .You take loan on heavy interest or / and sell your immovable property .While doing so ,your heart protests ,but your social prestige comes in the way .Your mind roars that humiliation in the society is unbearable .You think through the mind that accepting death is better than giving your society a chance to demean you .Your brain contemplates that your hard earned money of the entire life will go in waste if you loose the chance of holding your head high in the society . Listening to your mind and brain you do what you should not do and borrow suffering for the whole life . Had you listened to your heart ,you might not have been the victim of suffering .Men of the world often do such things .Pride ,prestige ,social status ,ego ,dignity etc. become very primary and essential for them .In such conditions ,listening to the heart is not possible.   Without learning the art of listening to the heart ,getting free from the sorrows and sufferings of life is not possible .The heart always talks to you to choose the paths of hilariousness ,peace of mind and happiness of the soul . The heart always suggests you  to follow the paths of salvation . The heart always communicates you to be an epitome of humanity .The heart always talks to you to set yourself free from diseases ,slavery and liberate your soul from all the agonies of life .But you don’t listen to your heart ,because ,you have not learnt to listen to the heart . This is the high time ,for the sake of saving the humanity ,to learn and teach also ,the art of listening to the heart .

Published by Amar Bahadur Singh

I am a professional speaker . I deliver lectures on spiritualism . I hold workshops on Meditation ,Yoga and Dhyana . I conduct programmes on ASTRAVAKRA GITA , BHAGVAD GITA ,UPANISHAD and many other spiritual topics which become very useful corporate and spiritual domain . I conduct counselling programmes on STRESS ,DEPRESSION ,NEGATIVITIES and many other psychological problems .

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