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The truth in the heart is covered by golden lies

Some people like facts . Some like fictions . Some others  have  no  concerns  with  the both . Those  who  have  no  concerns  are  of  two kinds –1-Ignorant and 2- Enlightened .                                                                     Enlightened ones are also of two kinds –       1– Intellectual     and    2– Intelligent                  Intellectuals believe on five senses  .  They believe on what they see ,hear ,smell ,taste and touch . They use mind to justify their sensual experiences . They regard facts of physical entity and call them or say , think them truth . The second type of people are intelligent ones . The centre of all attractions of such people is the heart . Besides believing on sense experiences ,they pay more and more attention and focus on the non physical entities . Self realisation and upgradation of the consciousness are the realms where they concentrate maximumly . They have categarized the statement in three forms , such as – facts ,truth and rit . Facts and truth are used in worldly affairs and ‘ rit’ is a Vedic term used in spiritual sense . These three terms must be understood clearly . The fact is the individual point of view . Different people present different facts . While describing the religion ,hundreds and hundreds of facts can be presented . They all can not be true ,but they exist .                                                                Truth is a bigger term . It is also a worldly term . The human world is always taken in relative term . It means everything in the entire existence has two sides . Whatsoever is said in the worldly affairs must have to have two poles  .  It means ,  without the duality ,nothing in the world can exist . Such as north and south ,pain and pleasure ,day and night  and so on . So ,such statements are half true and half false . The worldly truth can not be absolute truth . Even those which we call universal truth is not truth at all . Such as we say ,” The  Sun rises in the east .”  Everyone knows that the Sun only seems to rise due to the revolving and rotational nature of the Earth . So ,what seems is totally false but true in the worldly point of view .  Now ,let’s think about the ‘ rit ‘ . The absolute truth can be revealed by the ‘rit ‘. The rit can also be called a statement but not of dual nature . The rit can not have conflict .  Such as, ”  The Sun is the source of all the things and beings .”  and    “Oxygen is necessary for life “. Such statements are beyond duality and religion .                                                                  This is but a little bit description to clear the differences between the fact and truth and truth and rit . Keeping this point in view ,the great  ‘vedic rishi ‘ declares that                         ” HIRANMAYEN   PATREN   SATYSYAPIHITAM  MUKHAM  “.  It means that the truth / the absolute truth remains hidden by the  golden covers of the lies . It is very necessary to present it’s proper intrpretation ,otherwise ,it may fail to make the clear sense . The rit as absolute truth  ,remains hidden in the heart of each individual and the worldly or relative   truths and  facts are the golden covers which surround the heart in innumerable layers . These truths and facts are called golden because they are very lovely to the human beings. It is very difficult / nearly impossible for them to get rid of .  While talking about the mythologies , people make relative truth and fact their central point . Mythological stories are often based on the cultural ,traditional ,social and geographical conditions which vary from place to place and language to language . The big point in this regard is that the stories narrated through this way boast of revealing the truth . People receive the truth of very local level . That is why ,religions , from the very beginning of their emergence ,are always in fight . They keep on painting different layers of plasters on the truth that is one . But that omnipotent one is not revealed because  of the layer by layer selective truths which are too lovely for the people to quit .      But that absolute reality is revealed by uncovering the golden layers of the lies . That becomes possible by stepping into the kingdom of the heart which is the abode of the absolute truth . The process of stepping into the heart is known as opening the doors of reality . This breaking away of the golden layers of lies and revealation of the truth becomes possible by the true paths of spirituality . This is also called the opening of the heart . The essence of total spirituality is that through knowing ,understanding and being aware of the heart ,we can make the humanity more healthy and prosperous . We worship God  and desire to be divine and enlightened to complete this very purpose of life . Let us seek the blessings together .                              


Published by Amar Bahadur Singh

I am a professional speaker . I deliver lectures on spiritualism . I hold workshops on Meditation ,Yoga and Dhyana . I conduct programmes on ASTRAVAKRA GITA , BHAGVAD GITA ,UPANISHAD and many other spiritual topics which become very useful corporate and spiritual domain . I conduct counselling programmes on STRESS ,DEPRESSION ,NEGATIVITIES and many other psychological problems .

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