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Your success depends on your fire of the heart .

Who on the earth does not want to be successful .? The damn desire of success knows no bound . But the burning question remains hidden in the heart of every individual .

How to succeed ?

Does everyone succeed ? This is a million dollar question . This is relevent even to those who determine not to leave single stone unturned .

Success can be guaranteed by igniting the fire of the heart . Peep into the history of every walk of life and you will find that those who are shining as successful have ignited their fires upto a very higher level .Such fiery fellows are named as enthusiastic ,crazy , ambitious and even mad . Infact , every emotion is a fire that is generated from the heart . The fire is everything and is in everything . The temperature of your body is a fire . Your heart beats due to fire .The blood in the veins flows because of the fire . Your speech comes out through the mouth due to the fire . You get food due to the fire .Food is the fire . Water without which life is not possible is fire . Air that is the vital force of life is fire . The earth and all the solid materials on it is fire . The soul of the oceans is fire called ‘ Varavanal ‘. The very root of the body is ‘ Jatharagni ‘. The very base of knowledge known as ‘CONSCIOUSNESS’ is the most subtle form of fire . What is not fire ? Every thing is fire .that is why Fire is worshipped in all the religions . Considering this , the UPANISHAD declares it the omnipotent and omnipresent by saying ,AGÑIRYATHAIKO BHUVANAM PRATISTHO , RUPAM RUPAM PRATIRUPAM BABHOOVA | EKOVASHI SARVABHUTANTARATMA , RUPAM RUPAM PRATRUPAM VAHISCHA || It means that one and only one Agni ( fire) takes innumerably different forms and resides everywhere in the universe . In the same way one and only one almighty God takes innumerably different forms and makes his abode in the heart of all the creatures . How fantastic it is that the heart is the centre of the fire that is almighty . How can then , any thing not be done by the man who is the possessor of the heart ,the reservoir of the almighty Fire (Agni). But the fire is dangerous as well . It can burn everything to ashes . Proper use of fire is to be learnt properly . Otherwise ,it will devastate the entire life . Anger ,jealousy ,sorrow ,grief ,hatred are such emotional fire that burn the self and cause separatedness from the others . This burning fire sucks your energy rapidly and in no time makes you tired and fatigued .You find yourself very far from achieving your goal as your soul is splintered due to the scattering energy of your body and mind . In this hotch potch condition your soul gets poisioned and heart gets wounded . The wounded heart cause the cells of your body die rapidly . You know well that the dead cells cause not only cancer but also almost all the diseases . This is not all . Such devastating burning fire causes mental problems also ,such as stress ,depression and all other psychological ailments . So ,turn to the root and ask from where did this negative fire come ? Surely from the heart . Now ask another question why did this negative fire come into being . Undoubtedly because of your unawareness and ignorance of the fire of the heart . Think intelligently and honestly how can one who dreams success in the desirous branch be successful ? Will his breezy dream not be flown away by the stormy negative fire ? What to do then ? The very first and foremost thing to do is to develop the sense of understanding and awareness about the fire of the heart . Love ,peace of mind ,kindheartedness ,sympathetic social behaviour ,simple and natural life style and positive thinking are but a few ways of keeping the fire of the heart in a cool condition . Energy which is the subtle form of fire must be concentrated . You know that without concentrated energy ,positive result is not possible . Your memory and imagination are more subtle form of energy . If the memory squanders aimlessly in the past ,it misuses the energy unknowingly by you . It’s unawareness makes you so dull minded that you become unable to recall necessary information . Learning important lessons and reading essential books between the lines become a Himalayan task . In the same way ,uncontrolled and unplanned imagination makes you a day dreamer . Let me remind you that imagination is also the most subtle form of energy which is wasted into the unknown abyss if not given a well decided proper direction . It can be said that the power of memory and imagination is the energy or say fire which can devastate the entire life if not nourished and shaped properly . If you learn to put this fire in your control ,it can make your life beautiful and everything that you desire will be under your feet . The consequent line in this regard is that through knowing the fire of your heart properly you can do what you like ,you can get what you desire and you can be what you want to be . Yes ,you can know . Why not start today ?

Published by Amar Bahadur Singh

I am a professional speaker . I deliver lectures on spiritualism . I hold workshops on Meditation ,Yoga and Dhyana . I conduct programmes on ASTRAVAKRA GITA , BHAGVAD GITA ,UPANISHAD and many other spiritual topics which become very useful corporate and spiritual domain . I conduct counselling programmes on STRESS ,DEPRESSION ,NEGATIVITIES and many other psychological problems .

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