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Bleeding Heart

Mind game is going on . The heart interferes but fails . Mind is the battle ground . Nowhere is seen a sigh of relief .The brain becomes the store house of rubbish thoughts and projects without break the burning rays of emotions . No rest for the heart from fierce attacks .Will the heart not bleeding ? It bleeds . It is bleeding . It needs help but not getting . It fails .you call it HEART ATTACK .It is now a pandemic . Be very careful . Listen attentively to the ☆☆☆☆☆GREAT CALL OF HUMANITY••••••• S A V E H E A R T .


Published by Amar Bahadur Singh

I am a professional speaker . I deliver lectures on spiritualism . I hold workshops on Meditation ,Yoga and Dhyana . I conduct programmes on ASTRAVAKRA GITA , BHAGVAD GITA ,UPANISHAD and many other spiritual topics which become very useful corporate and spiritual domain . I conduct counselling programmes on STRESS ,DEPRESSION ,NEGATIVITIES and many other psychological problems .

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