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Are you extinguishing your fire of the heart ?

Can there be fire without fuel ? In feasible terms ,we almost know the fuels of existing fires . But the question indicates the fire of the heart . What is the fuel of the fire of the heart ?  Is it the breathings ? Yes ,you are right ,no ,take a pause for a moment . You may be right .                                   Just think about the breathings . It is a form of air . Can air exist without fire ?No ,not at all. Air is the fuel of fire .  So ,you know that fire can not be there without air and air can not come into being without fire ,as ,fire is the fuel of air and both can not exist without the sky .               In the entirely empty sky the thing that first  emerged is the heart ,not a physical one but a non physical centre of attraction that we can call heart as this very heart is the centre of all attractions of the body . Assume your body as a universe which is governed and controlled by the heart . Assume once again the universe as a body to control and govern which ,there must be a heart ,that is it’s central point .Heat of the heart ,like the centre / heart of the universe ,is the cause of the air and empty space is the cause of it’s movement . In this condition ,what is the fundamental fuel of the fire of the heart ?  Is it the air or sky or any other force of the outer realm ? As long as logics permit us ,we keep on saying that something is the fuel of something . Such as the heart . We say that Prana / the vital force / breathing/ air is the fuel of the heart . This is true . But think a bit more deeply . Is Prana the same as the air outside and the breathing inside ? No, it is not the same ,because at the moment of death ,when the heart starts lacking breath ,any external air can not be supplied to it . In the same way any other one’s breath is not useful to the dead one . So ,it is sure that Prana is more than breathings .Calling it the vital force is absolutely right . So , Prana is the fuel not only of the heart but also of the life . Where there is a living entity ,there is Prana . It means ,Prana is the life of every organism ,be it humans ,animals and plants . Now ,the question arises , what is the fuel of the Prana ? Is it the almighty or god or sky ? All are the same and indicate the same supreme power which is considered to be beyond the imagination of human being ,yet calling him the vital force seems to be more feasible ,logical and scientific . It often comes into observation that when some one pursues his ambition ,the fire of his heart is ignited highly and consumed fully . When some one nourishes his tension ,stress ,jealousy ,revenge ,anger and sense of enemity with negative thinkings ,he provides very less fuel to the fire . It is so ,because negative thoughts drain out the energy of the heart very rapidly and the heart looses it’s inflamation power due to receiving very less fuel . This is how we extinguish the fire of the heart . All the efforts ,engaged to grab the maximum material eat away the vital force of the heart .Due to stupid unawareness and extreme carelessness ,we let it happen . This is how we extinguish the fire of the heart . We mostly pass our life with erroneous and careless life styles of the unconsidered thoughts of eating ,drinking and being merry worse than animals which invite innumerable diseases . By doing so ,we make the heart highly and fiercely inflamable . This is really how we extinguish the fire of the heart . Besides these , we do so many other things which we should not do and do not do what we should do . The most important thing in this connection is to think about the most trustworthy and long lasting fuel of the heart . That fuel is undoubtedly the empty sky / space . It is a must for us to learn the art of providing empty space to the heart . For this ,it is essential to learn that the heart is the Sun of the body . Infact ,the heart is a micro Sun and the Sun is a macro heart . Both are same and function alike . Both need enough empty space to function freely . This comparision is only for understanding the reality . The matter belongs to us . We have to learn how to provide empty space to the heart . After all ,every effort of humans should be to maintain a healthy life . For this ,the first and foremost essentiality is to free the mind from thoughts . A himalayan task for most of us is how to set the mind free from thoughts . The more we try not to think ,the more thoughts pour into the mind . It is true ,but the bigger truth is that not thinking is not the way to control the mind . The accumulated thoughts since the birth must have to come . Let them come and go . Be fully aware that they are coming and going . Don’t let them be stored in the mind . The second rule is to pay full attention on the thought . Try to catch a single thought and go into it’s deepest root . Very soon you will find that going into the thought and remainig there is very very difficult ,but the constant practice of atleast twenty one days will make it easy . This is the way of controlling the thought . If you become successful in this mission ,you will come to realise the worth and worthlessness of the thought . Now,you will be able to treat the thought usefully and purposefully . In doing so ,you will be able to save your lots of energy / fuel that might have been miused unnecessarily . The third rule is to think that you are somewhere between the micro and macro of the one and only one universe . You are nowhere stagnant . You are constantly flowing . In this case ,the ideas of controlling the mind , efforts of bringing stability in life ,the ego of being some one particular ,attempts of earning immeasurable riches and maintaining prestigious and pompous life will seem to be nothing but stupidity . This sense will bring peace and harmony in life and will certainly be the cause of saving your fuel of the heart . The last rule is to ponder over the reality that the bigger and bigger space is necessary for receiving ceaseless fuel for the fire of the heart . The bigger sky in you is your bigger consciousness which must not be covered by black clouds of negative thoughts . These are but a few and very important lessons to learn . By adopting them carefully in your precious life you will not let your fire / fuel / energy of the heart distinguish .


Published by Amar Bahadur Singh

I am a professional speaker . I deliver lectures on spiritualism . I hold workshops on Meditation ,Yoga and Dhyana . I conduct programmes on ASTRAVAKRA GITA , BHAGVAD GITA ,UPANISHAD and many other spiritual topics which become very useful corporate and spiritual domain . I conduct counselling programmes on STRESS ,DEPRESSION ,NEGATIVITIES and many other psychological problems .

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