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Mind & Man

Mind and man are not two but one . They are two aspects of a coin . Man is solid matter and mind is subtle energy . The heart of man is the very centre . The body of man is the temple and the heart is the sanctom sanctorium . The more the heartContinue reading “Mind & Man”


Heart Diseases are the most ferrorious warnings to the healthy life .

All the sense organs are the commanders of the body . Eyes ,nose ,ears ,mind ,toungue and prana are the major commanders .They play very important roles in the body . The story goes in the Upanishad that these sense organs , considered as gods ,started quarrelling together on their supremacy . Each one ofContinue reading “Heart Diseases are the most ferrorious warnings to the healthy life .”

Your heart is a strong magnet .

Your heart attracts . Your heart is attracted . Having the power of attraction means having a strong magnet of the heart . Getting attracted means having a weak magnet of the heart . You can convert your weak magnet into strong one . Getting attracted is not always bad ,but getting swayed with theContinue reading “Your heart is a strong magnet .”