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Do you have a loving heart ?

The number of heart is equal to the number of living being on the earth . The varieties of the heart are the same as those of the species òn the earth . But very few qualities of the heart are noticed . In the din of daily hectic life ,how many of us care about the types of the heart ? Do we notice that the quality of heart changes with our ever changing emotions ? The work we do ,the people we come across , the challenges we face ,the behaviours we show ,the difficulties we meet , the relationships we maintain ,the responsibilities we fulfill ,the dreams we dream ,the desires we nourish ,the life styles we adopt ,the education we receive ,the tradition and culture we live in ,the impressions we carry and many other known and unknown activities are there which ,directly and indirectly put their impacts in determining the quality of the heart . In the stone hearted materialistic world , most of the people , if not all the people ,are busy in getting the lion’s share . In doing so they practice every trick fair or foul . In this wide spread zone ,money is the only locus of all the focusess and mind is the key . Everyone’s soul seated desire is to make the mind ever applicable master key for which the poor heart seems to play no role . In this steel hearted professional haven ,the demand of a loving mind is skyrocketting ,but a loving heart is sobbing and roaming aloof in the dilapedating body . The market virtuosoes are well acquainted with their autumn mongering endeavours that doubtlessly cause tsunamis and hurricanes of stressed and depressed mental sways ,yet,inspite of sighing ,sufferring ,wailing and screaming ,these white colored material honchoes pretend to be the most hilarious and the happiest souls on the earth .But the heart revolts . The heart must have to revolt. It is compelled to receive attacks and fails. Thus the heart fails and the mournings of the near and dear take place . Pompous ceremonies are performed and the self glorified market routines resume . See ,even now the demand of a loving heart is peeping into the feet .


Do logics weaken the heart ?

Intellect is measured by logics . To sharpen the mind ,logics are used as weapons .Mentality ,material ,money and market are governed ,controlled and manipulated by powerful logics . So important is logic for the progress and development of human being ,yet it weakens the heart . My purpose is not to demean the importance of logic but to present the clear distinctions between the two realm : the role of logic for the mind and the role of logic for the heart . Logic is like a sword which is in itself neither good nor bad . It is seen for what is it kept in hands : for the self protection or for destroying the opponents. Even in the business field ,wrong and inappropriate application of logics do more harm than good . In the realm of heart ,logic is not even like the sword ,but it is also like the acid which is harmful first to the bottle and then to someone else . No doubt,it strengthens the mind but it weakens the heart by creating doubts which keep on increasing with the strengthening logics . The purpose of logic is to gain victory for the self and defeat for the opponent . The fiery appetites of achieving more and more ,the burning sensations of jealousy and anxiety and the highly inflamable desires of never contented mind lit such flames of fire in the heart which can not be extinguished by any worldly affair . Inspite of all these evil effects of only mind and money oriented logics ,most of us don’t notice the embers reflected from the burning heart . These embers of the heart ruin all chances of happiness.These embers cause heartattacks,cancer,diabetes,stress , depression and and almost all other physical and mental problems .These embers erradicate love,sympathy,empathy , kindness , cooperation and all other emotions . These embers do not offer helping hands to people.The biggest worry in this regard is that living with unawareness and non understanding in this materialistic domain people get so much habituated and addicted that they either don’t think or can not think to find out any solution . Outwardly ,they seem to do a lot of efforts to find out the reconciliation ,but they don’t or I can say that they don’t strike the iron when it is hot . Let me make it more obvious . They discuss the matter ,organise high profiled debates ,hold ultra modern workshops and seminars and they join and become members of pompous meditational programmes . Yet ,all their efforts ,at last are proved to be totally null and void . Had their efforts been like striking the iron while it is hot ,the consequences would never have gone in vain . Such effort mongering seekers must understand that the terms discussion and debate create conflicts and struggles . Through this way, they keep in their mind the aim of winning and defeating . The sense of domination is always there . Such efforts generate pride and jealousy . The fires of revenge ,avenge and vengeance never die out through this way . This is so because these terms and all the logics collected and applied for the sake of these terms ignite the mind negatively and never reach the realm of the heart . They never make any possibility of a true dialogue happen ,as dialogue is all about the talks between the two hearts . Let’s flourish the chance of the communications between the two hearts . It is dead sure that the heartfelt relationship between the hearts is the only possibility for securing the health ,happiness ,harmony and humanity . To fulfill this sacred purpose ,we must have to learn the language of the heart . Let the logics be oriented to fulfill this holy purpose of the whole humanity .

Balancing the mind and heart

Your mind says something .Your heart says something else . It often becomes very difficult to say who is right and who is wrong . The conflict goes on . Your mind follows the market . Your heart listens or tries to listen to the home ,your inner world . Your soul is the decision maker . Who should your soul listen to? If it is oriented to the market ,your inner world is disturbed . If it listens to the heart ,your worldly survival faces difficulties . Proper balance is needed . Your soul knows well that both the sides are equally important.So , who is the balance maker ? If it is mind ,it will do good in the market field where your rate of success and failure is counted . All the worldly achievements are caused by sharp and intelligent mind .Moving the world forward in the business and service sectors is not possible without the prompt and farsighted decision making mind . Accute mind is the need of the time . Correctness , accuracy profit and progress are tools as well as goals of mind . Emotions ,sympathy ,kindness and soft feelings may bring damage to the business . Perhaps ,that is why business world seems to be so hardhearted . If your heart is the balance maker ,it will teach you to be kind hearted ,sympathetic and cooperative . It will keep on giving you the lesson that without assimilating heart products with the mind products, real success in business and actual meaning of a happy life can not be gained . Mind will take the side of money , materials and market ,and heart will be in the side of love , peace ,happiness and harmony. The Mind will say that without materialistic prosperity ,humans’ life will not be worth living . The Heart will say that without the upliftment of consciousness and spiritual progress  , materialistic prosperity has been and will always be the cause of dissatisfaction ,conflicts ,disorders ,diseases ,quarrels ,wars and battles . From the very evolutions of human civilizations all over the world , the conflicts between the mind and heart have been going on . Will you disagree with me if I say it the only root cause of unrest throughout the history of human being?  Now , let me give the Soul a chance to settle the matter . The Soul counsels the mind and heart that behaving like two opposite poles will not do ,as poles have never met together .Heart oriented mind and mind oriented heart can be the source of solution . Infact ,thinking heart and mind as two different entities is the biggest blunder . They are not separated but one . Scientifically speaking ,mind and brain take energy from the heart ,and heart ,in response gives intellect ,intuition ,intelligence and wisdom to the mind and brain . Infact ,mind has no physical existence ,though it is undoubtedly a very powerful non physical entity .Yet , mind without brain is nothing ,and brain without mind is nothing but a lump of flesh . In the same way ,mind and brain will be powerless without the generous donations of energy of the heart ,and without the mind and brain as outlets of energy, the heart will be useless . The soul teaches that anyone alone is of no use and everyone with everyone is useful . Thinking about the self is not bad ,thinking about others is good ,thinking about mutual cooperation is better and the best is to remain and maintain the harmony among one another . The soul preaches that the segments of the body ,if splintered ,makes a very poor personality and in harmony ,create a strong personality . The most important teaching of the soul is that if the body ,mind ,brain ,intelligence ,heart ,consciousness and other physical or non physical entities of the existence credit ,glorify  and claim themselves separately  as all in all or the most important for any work done ,then such claim is very far from the truth ,as it is but a futile way of boosting and boasting the self . It is also because none of them is a decision maker and everyone is dependent on the other . The soul knows that integration and unity of all the organs is entirely natural . The justice is when one who knows all the aspects of the existence becomes the judge . Only such judge is entitled to be a  judge . The soul knows everything of the person and personality .So , only the soul should be the judge . If the soul makes a balance between the mind and heart ,everything must have to be good . Now the responsibility of ours starts ,and the first and foremost responsibility is to learn to understand the decisions of the soul . Let the soul measure the personality and everything will certainly be good .

The role of fear in shaping the heart

The heart receives impressions. All the impressions can not be noticed by mind . Our five senses have very limited power of cognition . These five senses ( touch ,sight ,hearing ,smell and taste ) receive impressions from the outside . The power of these senses are very limited . These impressions never reach the heart . They remain limited upto the mind . They mostly don’t become dangerous to the heart . These impressions directly can not cause heart attack or any heart related problem . But ,they become the sourse of problems. Everyone tries to fulfill the demands of the five semses . Only fulfilling the demands is not the problem ,we try to have full security . That is not possible . Not having security causes fear . The impressions of fear reach the heart directly . It’s power is not limited like the powers of five senses. It has limitless power . The impressions of fear ,after reaching the heart start creating negativities which weaken the heart .Negativities get condensed because we don’t give up hoping for having full security of the fulfillment of the desires generated by our five senses . It means the fear keeps on increasing and the heart keeps on getting weakened . In this way ,there comes the time when the heart gives up functioning properly . Here is the time when we have to take a lesson to save the heart . This is the time when we have to learn that unknowingly and unconsciously we have accumulated problems which have shaped the heart in such a way that can most likely cause attacks and other diseases . And here is the time when we have to learn to take care of the impressions caused by our five sensory organs . We have to accept understanding and awareness as the most powerful weapons to save the heart and to make the soul very powerful .

Is your heart burning

You sometimes feel burning sensations in the heart . Is your heart giving any indication about anything ? Is it the sign of heart attack ? No yaar ,it happens ,just leave it . This is what you generally think or say or do . Isn’t it so ? I think your doing or not doing is of no worth if your body’s natural orders have gone out of order . It is true that everyone can not be a doctor ,but it is not necessary to be a doctor to understand the meaning of burning of the heart . Be calm .Sit silently .Try to listen to your heart beat .Ask the heart what the matter is .You will receive the answer .It may take some time ,but answer will come certainly .By doing so you are surrendering yourself in the Nature’lap ,and know it for sure that nature never doth betray one who loves her .

Save your heart to save your soul

Raju Srivastava ,an iconic commedian of the time ,is now no more .All the ultra modern medical equipments ,all the heartful efforts of the best teams of the best doctors , all the uplifted hands of prayers of the fans and well wishers could not succeed in bringing him back to life . At last ,the death proved to be victorious . After all, once again ,life is proved to be merely a puppet in the hands of merciless death . Once again ,it is proved that you will have no helping hands if you do not show your full carefulness for your most lovely heart . Once ,if you come to think seriously ,you will get that nothing in the entire life is so important as your heart . Once again ,if you think seriously ,you will see that most of the people take far more care of their mobile phone than their poor hearts . The most pathetic in this regard is that they don’t seem to be pathetic about it . If they ,while in such situation and condition ,fall prey to the heart attack ,should they be shown any sympathy . Do they desearve to be shown any mercy at all . But see the contradiction ,when anyone passes away because of heart failure ,people assemble and pour down sympathy and mercy . By doing so ,they only fulfill their social formalities . The big point here is to think is that no one can do any thing for you to save your heart . You see around you many people consuming intoxications . You see many people obssesed with food or wrong life style . Many people around you are there who are excessively abusive ,shortempered ,angry ,worried , anxious ,revengeful and negative . They don’t seem to be worried about their worries . They have adopted such dangerous life style and pretend to be very brave by doing so . Motivating such people to be generous for their heart is not a least difficult than belling a cat . Yet ,such people complain and blame very easily that the god was very merciless. It is absolutely true that only you can save your heart . To save your heart ,you have to think that your heart is your soul without which your life is not possible . Many people are surprised how can a person who was so heartful and hillarious and the cause of the happiness of innumerable people can die of heart attack . Here comes the story of a film named ‘MERA NAAM JOKER ‘ of legendary actor RAJ KAPOOR in my mind in which the hero plays the role of a joker who makes every one laugh by his funny acting but beccomes very sad and gloomy when he is alone . Everyone laughs at him but no one bothers to peep into his bleeding heart . Was this the story of RAJU SHRIVASTAVA ? Who can know ? But it seems to me that this is the story of most of us . We outwardly show ourselves very healthy and happy but inwardly remain very broken and deserted . This double standared life style becomes venomous to the heart . In maintaining the social status ,in the greed of earning more than required ,in the process of adopting the winning methods by hook or by crook ,in the process of showing of fit and fine and in the trends of establishing anyhow someone very special and particular ,we forget and most often avoid the harmoney of our body and mind . The harmonious relationship between body and mind often does not come into our kind consideration . While fulfilling the social ,economical ,political and all other external demands of life ,we fail to provide enough,not to say of proper nourishment to the body ,mind ,heart and soul . These ( body ,mind ,heart and soul ) are the four pillers of the building of life . They must be equally strong and ballanced ,otherwise no one will be efficient enough to save the building of life from falling down .

Your heart is the most powerful generator

Do you have good relationship with your heart ? Do you even feel that you have a relationship with the heart ? It is true that your heart is the most powerful generator ,but this truth is generally very less realised . The reason behind it is that people mostly take heart for granted . Do they think that it is the responsibility of the nature to take care of the heart ? I think they don’t think so, because such thinking comes after the realisation of someone’s responsibility toward the heart . It would certainly be very good if it is so . Infact ,this very sense of responsibility is the most required thing . The heart is very often ignored . The saddest thing in it is that the one who ignores does not even know that he is ignoring . This act of ignorance occures in total unawareness . So , awareness is the first essential ingredient to know that your heart is the most powerful generator . Let us seek answer of how does the body receive energy specially after going to bed ? Where does the body get this energy from ? It is generally known that the body gets energy from the universe . This universal energy is present everywhere in scattered form . Utilisation of scattered energy can not be possible unless there are some receivers . Which organ or organs of the body become/s the receiver/s ? Mind , brain ,cells ,heart ,consciousness or soul ? All receive the energy . It is true but the heart is the main receiver . Heart is the main transformer . Heart is ,infact an electrical engine . It functions with some certain voltage . If the voltage goes very high ,it may burst . If the voltage is not enough ,it may go cold and useless . It means proper voltage is very necessary . Now the medium through which the heart gains energy is to be known . These media are emotions ,feelings and thoughts . These are the fuels of the heart . Anger ,jealousy ,temptation ,greed and such negative energy pollute and impure the fuels . Happiness ,empathy ,considerateness ,cooperativeness and such positive energy make the fuels pure and strengthen the heart . Getting puffed up suddenly by emotions is putting the heart in the danger zone . Taking emotions under control with awareness and understanding is putting the heart in the safe zone . In this way ,it is to know that taking care of the heart as the generator is very essential for leading a happy life .


The meaning of spiritual must be understood properly . Let’s try to understand SPIRITUALITY in Indian context .The Hindi term for ‘ Spiritual ‘ is ‘ Aadhyatmic ‘. The very root of this term is Sanskrit . The entire existence in Sanskrit ( the oldest existing language ) has been divided into following three catageries——– 1 —– Aadhidaivic——-The entity which has it’s own light ,as the SUN . 2——- Aadhibhautic—— The entities which get the power of illumination from the SUN ,as The Earth , The Fire , The Water ,The Air and The Sky . These are called five fundamental elements from which all the things and beings are created . 3—– Aadhyatmic —— All the living beings specially humans .All the living species are created out of the five fundamental elements .The term Spirituality is considered to be the unification of above mentioned three emntities . Living beings ,particularly humans are regarded to be the integration of body ,mind ,heart and soul .Body and heart are two tangible organs and mind and soul are two intangible entities . Non physical entities are more powerful than physical ones . Heart is both physical and nonphysical . Physical heart is the biological one which can be located and is the most important organ of the body . Life can not be imagined without it . Non physical heart is the philosopher’s heart and is the centre and resourse of emotions ,feelings ,intuition ,energy ,light , inspiration ,understanding ,awareness , memory ,imagination and above all life . Aadhyatmic body ( Spiritual body ) has 19 mouths (the gates of the body ) As every living being possess these natural qualities and called Adhyatmic ,so every individual is Adhyatmic (spiritual) .


A temple is an abode of god .What is temple ? Is it not a circumscribed boundary walls in which idols are established and worshipped by the people .This is an external form of building temples . Such temples start very soon having social ,psychological and political concerns which very often become the bone of contention . Through this way religions flourish but humanity gets wounded . Wounded humanity does more bad than good in the society . Humanity gets wounded because of the lack of spirituality . Mixing up religions with spirituality has always been big blunders . I want to make a temple but I don’t want at all to repeat any blunder . I want all of you to cooperate me in building the temple ,but I insistingly want all of you not to fall prey of even a least mistake . The temple of my dream is the need of the time . Not having jealousy ,enemity ,disease ,vengence ,conflict ,battle and war must be the true charecteristics of human civilization . Already established temples ,I think ,do not fulfill such demands . They can do so provided they follow the paths of true spurituality . I want my kind of temple to be built in the heart of each individual . As every one has heart ,every heart will be a temple . Building a temple in the heart or building heart a temple needs some sorts of understanding . A temple of heart is not the building of bricks and mortar. The very foundation of this temple is the commencement of the realisation that the very sourse of all the existences is the heart and for this very reason ,the heart must be paid the maximum attention . With the rapidly increasing materialism,people have almost adopted the concept that only money ,mind ,muscle and brain power can make the people healthy and happy ,but everyone knows that it is not a least so . The more materialistic we are becoming ,the more painful ,diseaseful grivanceful and sorrowful life we are leading . Casting these agonies of humanity away is not in the control of mind and brain governed temples . It’s reconciliation is possible only in the shelter of the temple of the heart . Cast ,creed and differences don’t matter in the temple of the heart . UNDERSTANDING ,AWARENESS ,INELLECT AND INTELLIGENE are the four walls of the temple of the heart . EMOTIONS ,INSTINCT ,INTUITION and THOUGHTS are beautiful and fragrant flowers . Let the SOUL of the self be the IDOL . UPGRADING THE HUMANITY is the external purpose . Let the UPLIFTMENT OF CONSCIOUSNESS ,ENLIGHTENMENT OF THE SOUL AND TRUE REALISATION be the internal purposes . These are very often uttered but very less realised terms. In the temple of the heart ,these terms will play like ladders which will take the humaniry to the utmost zenith . One thing in this regard is sure that the glorification of the heart is really the glorification of the whole humanity . So , for the sake of humanity ,let’s be together to build the TEMPLE OF THE HEART

Who is hurting the heart ?

I am very sorry for the heart .Not only for my own heart ,but also for all the hearts . Not only of the human ‘s hearts , but also for all the hearts of all the species .Not only for the species ‘ hearts ,but also for the heart of the nature . I am very sorry for the heart of the Earth ,of the Sun ,of the Universe and also of that unknown almighty who controls and governs the hearts of innumerable universes . This is no exaggeration .This is no fiction , This is no imaginery gulp . This is the hardest reality .Hearts everywhere are getting wounded . You can laugh at me by saying that humans are such tiny specks in the universe that they can not do anything .This may be your way of thinking ,but just remember that humans are the only species who can think about the wounded hearts . It is absolutely true that we can not control the catastrophic natural happenings ,but it is also true that we have started controlling many natural activities ,otherwise life at present would not have been so facilitating . Before I go ahead in this regard ,I would like to remind that where there is life ,there is heart , and where there is existence ,there are life and heart both . Infact ,life and heart are not two but one . You can say that life is heart and heart is life when natural havocs occur ,millions and millions of hearts are wounded ,or say millions of lives are devastated ,or say millions of existences are erradicated . Here ,we are really very helpless . We can do nothing in this regard . But , I insist you to think on this that knowledge is such a powerful weapon that can make humanity invincible .The knowledge of having a sense of worry about the hearts getting wounded can do very remarkable work . It can and must bring mass level of understanding and awareness abput the safety and security of the most precious heart . Uncountable arrows are hovering around the heart to pierce in . These arrows have been poisoned with anger ,jealousy ,greed ,selfishness ,enemity etc. They have been and are being empowered by ignorance . They are causing without any break heart attacks ,anxieties ,wars battles ,diseases and death . All these unwanted and highly displeasing things are happening only because of neglecting the heart . True knowledge of the heart is the only weapon to save the humanity from all the calamities of life Why not be together to learn it just from now .