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Hope  and  Heart

Who does hope belong to ? Does it belong to the mind ? Or to the heart ? Or to the soul ? It is now for the individual to reflect on . Does the hope strengthen or weaken the heart ? I think it does the both . Infact ,it weakens more than strengthens .                                            Let us see how it weakens the heart . Hope is   the desire to fulfill your wishes .People hope beyond the limit . While hoping ,they mostly don’t think about their capability .Such hopes are not fulfilled .They become disappointed . Hoping now this and now that  becomes the habitual process . Not fulfillment of hopes also continues . In such regular activities ,the heart keeps on storing disappointments which gradually get condensed and spread negativities that become venomous and cause suffocation and heart attacks . The most bitter truth ,in this regard is that everyone knows that nothing is going to save him from the death ,yet ,almost everyone is striving to keep everything in his possession.The hard reality of life is that inspite of loosing everthing ,we hope to gain everything . Mind never abondons imagination and heart never quits desire . Both imagination and desire are engaged in satisfying the worldly hunger and quenching the sensual desires. In this busiest engagements of mind and heart ,the soul never gets a sigh of relief . The mind ,oriented to the worldly affairs is called the lower level of mind which fills the heart with negative emotions . Such mind and heart are highly polluted and cause physical and mental diseases . The same mind ,oriented to understanding ,awareness and self realisation is called the upper level of mind and sets the heart free from agonies ,griefs ,angers ,tensions and negativities . Such mind and heart open the gates of true realisation . So ,hope is both advantagious and disadvantagious to the heart . It is in the hand of an individual to choose his path . It generally happens that unawareness leads the person to the lower level of mind . Hopes concerning to the lower level of mind are the root causes of sorrows and sufferings and hopes concerning to the upper level of mind become the resourse of health ,happiness and harmony . Awareness toward the hope is all that matters in living a happy life .


Graceful heart

People everywhere know well that when someone takes an oath ,he/she puts his/her right hand on the left side of the chest ,the cover of the heart,known for love ,mercy and harmony .When someone tries to convince someone near and dear ,he finally says ,” believe me ,I am speaking from the core of my heart .” When people don’t believe on any particular person at any rate ,he reveals ultimately and says ,” Believe it or not ,my heart knows well that I am true .” YOU BROKE MY HEART . YOU STOLE MY HEART . NOW I AM NOT WITH MY HEART . MY HEARTIEST CONGRATULATIONS . And many more like these statements do we often utter . What do they mean ? Do they mean any biological heart ? You know that they don’t .So ,what heart do they talk about ?Infact ,the talk about the philosopher ‘s heart or the spiritual heart .This heart ,like Mind and Soul ,does not have any physical existence,yet plays the most vital role in the life . It is a universal truth that no life is possible without the heart .Entire humanity is based on emotion and heart is the happy home of emotions .Knowledge ,Intellect Intelligence and Wisdom make the humans great,and heart becomes the fundamental resource for them . The heart keeps on vibrating and because of that ,pulsations of the veins keep on going .The heart pumps and the life goes on .The heart strengthens the brain and thinking becomes possible . These are but a few graces of the great heart.Should we not be thankful to it .

Listening to the heart

Do you listen to your heart ? Do not answer to anyone else .Only think about it seriously .What do you do when you fall in any critical situation ? Do you feel the conflict between the heart and the mind ? Take a pause here ,for a moment ,as conflict between the two is very common .Noticing ,feeling ,recognising and differentiating the notions of the heart and mind as particular is not so easy . Most of the time ,decisions are taken ,but the decision taker does not know whose decision it really was . Was it of the mind or of the heart ? Did it come spontaneously from the mind or from the heart ?                                        Sometimes ,listening to the heart is not so difficult ,but obeying it is very difficult .        Sometimes ,you spend money luxuriously on any family ceremony or on any social occassion .You go beyond your capacity .You take loan on heavy interest or / and sell your immovable property .While doing so ,your heart protests ,but your social prestige comes in the way .Your mind roars that humiliation in the society is unbearable .You think through the mind that accepting death is better than giving your society a chance to demean you .Your brain contemplates that your hard earned money of the entire life will go in waste if you loose the chance of holding your head high in the society . Listening to your mind and brain you do what you should not do and borrow suffering for the whole life . Had you listened to your heart ,you might not have been the victim of suffering .Men of the world often do such things .Pride ,prestige ,social status ,ego ,dignity etc. become very primary and essential for them .In such conditions ,listening to the heart is not possible.   Without learning the art of listening to the heart ,getting free from the sorrows and sufferings of life is not possible .The heart always talks to you to choose the paths of hilariousness ,peace of mind and happiness of the soul . The heart always suggests you  to follow the paths of salvation . The heart always communicates you to be an epitome of humanity .The heart always talks to you to set yourself free from diseases ,slavery and liberate your soul from all the agonies of life .But you don’t listen to your heart ,because ,you have not learnt to listen to the heart . This is the high time ,for the sake of saving the humanity ,to learn and teach also ,the art of listening to the heart .

Enemies of the heart

The nature is too vast to be imagined . Innumerable havocs always occur in the nature. Amidst the lmmense upheavels ,     protecting the life is like saving the most beautiful flower in the forest from many different disasters .After uncountable catastrophies of the aeons ,our Earth has become worthliving .Maximum ,if not the whole , credit goes to  the atmospheric creation .After many eras of struggles , human species have come into present existence .Maximum , if not the whole, credit goes to the continuously developing civilizations of natural calamities facing generations . During these periods , even life ,let alone the heart ,was totally insecured . With the advancement of knowledge ,sharpened mind and far sighted intelligence ,man has now learnt better ways of living ,yet ,inspite of having many protection processes ,even now life is highly insecured. Though ,modern science and technologies have brought many things under control ,yet difficulties ,dieseases and life threatening dangers are still just around us .Along with the highly appreciable development of medical sciences ,new diseases with incurable properties are also emerging . Only heart attack is galloping millions of lives every year . Advance technologies ,hectic life styles , highly polluted atmosphere and poisonous environment have put life threatening challenges before the entire humanity . These are the fiercest foes to whom the poor heart is very much vulnerable . In such a terrible situation ,a very relevent question about the full proof remedy of the heart attack arises vehementally to which finding any consolable answer seems to be nearly impossible .                                                What should we do then ? Should we ,seeing the enemies invincible , accept the defeat and surrender before them ? No ,not at all . Humans are known for accepting the challenges and fighting with them bravely . We fight and we must have to fight up to the very last breath . A negative person may not believe it and ask if it is not merely to boost up and motivate uselessly the defeated soul .  No , it is certainly not so .                                     Then ,what are the weapens to fight against the enemies.                                                          O.K. Weapons are only a few .They are Sprituality ,Understanding ,Awareness and Upliftment of the Consciousness .                      Really ?Are you kidding ? .Are they weapons ? Are you really talking about fighting against the Heart Attack with such silly weapons ?       Yes, my lovely souls .You are highly  surprised but right .This has always been ,not only to you ,but also to the mass of humanity ,a very great pathos that they are compelled to believe on the external things,but never believe  on their inner qualities and strength . They never learn to trust on their self empowerment .                                                        O.K. Sir . Suppose I start believing from just now .What will happen then ?                            If you start believing from now and start having full confidence ,you will immediately start building a fence against the heart attack. Infact not only  the heart attack ,but against all the physical and mental diseases.But believing is not so easy .Had it been so easy ,every one would have invested belief and thrown away the diseases into oblivion . So ,really this is not so easy .You have to ,first of all , know what really rhe belief is and how it is made possible. I will tell you all about it ,but in the next blog .

Conversations with the heart 2.1

Heart is a very powerful magnet. It attracts thoughts.It reflects through feelings and emotions. Thoughts are the games of mind. Emotions and feelings are the products of the heart. The Sun is the all powerful entity in the universe . The heart is the all powerful entity in the body .In this regard , it can be said that sun and heart are not two but one entity .The heart is a micro sun and the sun is a macro heart . The world of things and beings can not be imagined without the sun . In the same way , life can not be imagined without the heart . That is why ,it has been said in the Rig Veda that ‘ ‘ SURYASYA ATMA JAGATAH TASTUTHASTAH ” which means the sun is the soul of the entire world . If such a great glory is there between the sun and the heart ,there must be a very strong relationship between the two . If they are such an important and only resourse of life ,there must be very powerful communication between the two . It is not under the capacity of man made languages to have an access to understand the heart of the sun and the sun of the heart . Knowing ,understanding and realising the most mysterious inner meaning of the overall vital forces of the entire existence is possible by the education of the heart . I invite the seekers to come on the platform of the Mangod Power not only to enhance the level of consciousness ,but also to protect the world from disease ,war and disasters and also to save the whole humanity .

Convresarions with the Heart 2.0

How unique the heart is ! How wonderful the creation is ! What a surprising creature the man is !Above all, how fantabulous the heart is ?I would like you to ponder over that we see light through the eyes but science says and everyone confirms that there is no light in the eyes. Whose help do the eyes take to see the world ?Does this help come from the mind and the brain .No, they are merely associate helpers. Then, who is the main helper ? Undoubtedly the main helper is the heart,because the heart is the power houes and mind and brain are the transformers ,and eyes are bulbs which illumine the objects .We call it seeing .In this whole process ,the heart sees through different equipments .In the same way, the heart hears ,smells ,tests , feels and thinks . The very realisation of this truth is not difficult .Yet, most of the people think that they think through the mind ,hear throuh the ears, test through the tongue ,see through the eyes and smell through the nose . Thinking this way is separating the self from the heart . Thinking this way is inviting sufferings ,agonies ,pains and negativities of the world. Thinking this way is being egoistic and thinking this way is falling prey to heart attacks and all other physical and mental diseases .The scene will be totally different if the heart is paid proper care,understanding ,attention ,respect and awareness. Uniting the self to the heart is the way of bringing peace ,prosperitng and happiness in the world . Being with the heart is the guarantee of holistic health .Depending on the heart is making the way of liberation ,realisation and enlightenment . The most important thing is to learn the paths of progress .For that , it is necessary to follow the paths leading towards the heart .And for that ,it is essential to learn the art of listening to the heart .The heart communicates ,but we have become so ignorant that we don’t understand his language .We have to learn that language and make the conversation between the self and the heart possible .Learning that language is earning Mangod Power . Let’s start learning it now .

Conversations With The Heart

Your heart talks.Let me use the pronoun ‘he’ for the heart.Do you talk to him ? Your heart understands your language. Do you understand his language ?Your heart is always ready to have harmonious conversations with you. Are you ? Your heart feels your feelings.Do you feel the feelings of the heart.? Your heart gives you the vital force to your life. Your heart gives you the power of thinking , the power of memory and the power of imagination. You are whatsoever you are is because of the heart. Your heart is the god of your existence.You live as long as your heart supports you.Do you know these things ?Inspite of knowing all these things ,if you don’t pay attention to your heart,what kind of man should you be called? You are so busy in your marketplaces that you don’t find time to think about your heart . You have become so learned that you think yourself all in all .You have become so wealthy and prosperous that you think you can purchase anything from the market. Such thoughts are the ephemeral outcomes of the mind .Such thoughts cause suferings ,pains ,diseases and hell .Such things occure because you don’t understand the language of the heart. The heart sends indications ,signs ,intuitions ,information and warnings ,sometimes silently and sometimes roaringly ,to you ,but ,you don’t understand anything and fall prey to the heart attack and all kinds of sufferings . Educate your heart .Know your heart .Learn the art of understanding your heart .Learn the art of giving respect to your heart .Learn the art of worshipping your heart. Since your heart is the god of your life, he will undoubtedly rain blessings of health ,harmony and happiness . Mangod Power is all about fulfilling the same purpose.

A very common cause of Heart Attack

Man is called a thinking animal.You know well that it is only because of man’s power of thinking . Due to this very power , we have made such a wonderful progress.Yes, no doubt ,you think a lot. Take this power of thinking as the best blessing of god ,but accept the truth that the more you think ,the more vulnerable for heart attack you become. The reason behind it is that you think mostly on external affairs which are the fundamental causes of tension ,anxiety, dispondency ,fear and all negativities ,which cause heart attack ,many physical ailments and mental disorders .You pay little or no thought to the heart ,leave aside it’s betterment. It is because of the lack of proper education of the heart.Awareness ,understanding and education of the heart must be your first and foremost priority .This is undoubtedly the best way to save the life from the heart attack and make the life happy and prosperous.

Tension alone is not the cause of heart attack

We often say that someone fall prey of heart attack because of the tension. It is not always true.Had it been true , all the big guns in every walk of life would have been the prey of the heart attack ,because they bear a lot of tension to get the work done .Infact , any great and creative work or any success can not be possible without having tension . So , it is not tension but the lack of proper management of the tension , which becomes the cause of it. Assume your body as a big house and heart as a room . Take tension as fresh air and proper ways of getting the work done should be taken as windows and doors. If the windows and doors are not opened or wrongly opened ,then the fresh air gets polluted and the heart starts feeling suffocated . How long will the poor heart cope with the the suffocation . It will certainly fall prey to the attack. Let it not be so .Your thoughts ,emotions ,passions ,ambitions etc are different kinds of air.Learn the art of making them pure and enjoy the successful ,prosperous and happy life .

The abode of Spiritual light is Heart

Every life has heart. It can be said that life is the light of the heart. Heart is such a resourse from where we receive and can receive more and more through the proper understanding of the heart, the following kinds of light——- 1- Light of the Sun 2- Light of the Moon 3- light of the Fire 4- Light of the Speech 5- Light of the Soul 6- Light of the Mind 7- Light of the Self 8- Light of the Wisdom 9 Light of the Concentration 10- Light of the Talent 11- Light of the Consciousness 12- Light of the Contemplation 13- Light of the Hearing 14- Light of the sight 15- Light of the Knowing These are but a few dimentions of light.Infact, everything is nothing but light.Knowing these lights is enriching the life.These lights are the golden weapons for the empowerment of your Mangod Power ( Man Power + God Power =Mangod Power).