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The truth in the heart is covered by golden lies

Some people like facts . Some like fictions . Some others  have  no  concerns  with  the both . Those  who  have  no  concerns  are  of  two kinds –1-Ignorant and 2- Enlightened .                                                                     Enlightened ones are also of two kinds –       1– Intellectual     and    2– Intelligent                  Intellectuals believe on five senses  .  They believe on whatContinue reading “The truth in the heart is covered by golden lies”


Is your heart burning

You sometimes feel burning sensations in the heart . Is your heart giving any indication about anything ? Is it the sign of heart attack ? No yaar ,it happens ,just leave it . This is what you generally think or say or do . Isn’t it so ? I think your doing or notContinue reading “Is your heart burning”

Enemies of the heart

The nature is too vast to be imagined . Innumerable havocs always occur in the nature. Amidst the lmmense upheavels ,     protecting the life is like saving the most beautiful flower in the forest from many different disasters .After uncountable catastrophies of the aeons ,our Earth has become worthliving .Maximum ,if not the wholeContinue reading “Enemies of the heart”