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Only heart can set you free

Body needs pleasure . Mind needs intellect . Physical heart seeks emotions . You seek fitness for the body . You expect acuteness for the mind . You hope good relationship for the heart . All your anticipations are not fulfilled . The life becomes miserable . Life free from miseries ,sorrows and worries isContinue reading “Only heart can set you free”


The truth in the heart is covered by golden lies

Some people like facts . Some like fictions . Some others  have  no  concerns  with  the both . Those  who  have  no  concerns  are  of  two kinds –1-Ignorant and 2- Enlightened .                                                                     Enlightened ones are also of two kinds –       1– Intellectual     and    2– Intelligent                  Intellectuals believe on five senses  .  They believe on whatContinue reading “The truth in the heart is covered by golden lies”

Is your heart burning

You sometimes feel burning sensations in the heart . Is your heart giving any indication about anything ? Is it the sign of heart attack ? No yaar ,it happens ,just leave it . This is what you generally think or say or do . Isn’t it so ? I think your doing or notContinue reading “Is your heart burning”

Save your heart to save your soul

Raju Srivastava ,an iconic commedian of the time ,is now no more .All the ultra modern medical equipments ,all the heartful efforts of the best teams of the best doctors , all the uplifted hands of prayers of the fans and well wishers could not succeed in bringing him back to life . At lastContinue reading “Save your heart to save your soul”

Your heart is the most powerful generator

Do you have good relationship with your heart ? Do you even feel that you have a relationship with the heart ? It is true that your heart is the most powerful generator ,but this truth is generally very less realised . The reason behind it is that people mostly take heart for granted .Continue reading “Your heart is the most powerful generator”


The meaning of spiritual must be understood properly . Let’s try to understand SPIRITUALITY in Indian context .The Hindi term for ‘ Spiritual ‘ is ‘ Aadhyatmic ‘. The very root of this term is Sanskrit . The entire existence in Sanskrit ( the oldest existing language ) has been divided into following three catageries——–Continue reading “EVERY HEART IS SPIRITUAL”


A temple is an abode of god .What is temple ? Is it not a circumscribed boundary walls in which idols are established and worshipped by the people .This is an external form of building temples . Such temples start very soon having social ,psychological and political concerns which very often become the bone ofContinue reading “IN THE MISSION OF BUILDING A TEMPLE OF THE HEART”

Who is hurting the heart ?

I am very sorry for the heart .Not only for my own heart ,but also for all the hearts . Not only of the human ‘s hearts , but also for all the hearts of all the species .Not only for the species ‘ hearts ,but also for the heart of the nature . IContinue reading “Who is hurting the heart ?”

Hope  and  Heart

Who does hope belong to ? Does it belong to the mind ? Or to the heart ? Or to the soul ? It is now for the individual to reflect on . Does the hope strengthen or weaken the heart ? I think it does the both . Infact ,it weakens more than strengthensContinue reading “Hope  and  Heart”

Enemies of the heart

The nature is too vast to be imagined . Innumerable havocs always occur in the nature. Amidst the lmmense upheavels ,     protecting the life is like saving the most beautiful flower in the forest from many different disasters .After uncountable catastrophies of the aeons ,our Earth has become worthliving .Maximum ,if not the wholeContinue reading “Enemies of the heart”