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Heart is the home of consciousness

Do you know for certain that the heart is the home of consciousness ? A philospher maintains that you think , so you are . Another one says that you are , so you think . Both are right but on their own stand . You will and should take your stand . If you prefer believing that you think, so you are ,then you should ask why do you think . If you choose to say that you are , so you think , then you should ask why do you exist . ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ But these two questions will take you in different realms . Out of them , the question why do you think is the point here to be focussed on . The question how do you think answers the process of thinking which is not the subject matter at present to discuss on . ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Let us concentrate on why do you think . You think because of your awakened consciousness . Not only because of your consciousness but most specially because of your awakened consciousness . You feel . You realise . You undestand .you respond and you speak . In all these activities ,thinking is involved . Your laughing ,weeping ,crying ctc. , your being happy ,sad ,angry ,anxious etc. and your solving problems , taking oaths and resolutios and getting involved with inventions and discoveries and all other human activities involve thinking . So , the saying that you think, so you are is so because this very thinking makes you realise that you are . Had it not been so ,you would also have been like a rock or a wooden log . ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ So , thinking is of major importance which is caused by consciousness . Can we say here that consciousness is the fertile land in which the crops of consciousness grow and on which the sweet flowers of thinking bloom . If you compare this system with agriculture ,you will have to think about tilting the land ,sowing the seeds ,taking care of the crops and reaping the fruits . It means every process of cultivation should be given proper care and attention for good farming . In the same way , your heart is the land , Consciousness is the crop and thinking is the fruits . You grow different varieties of crops and reap different kinds of fruits . ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ For growing fruitful consciousness ,you need to sow good seeds of consciousness . For that good intention , careful attention ,proper awareness and farsighted understanding are the most essential ingredients . If you lack all these ingredients , then also consciousness grows but in totally splintered way ,as to grow consciousness needs association which is easily available in the human social structure . ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~From association to entire destruction , the consciousness travels through various systemetic processes . In this concern ,the most beautiful preaching of the great GITA is very well suited .Let me mention it here —- DHYAYATO VISHANPUNSHAH SANGASTESHUPAJAYATE SANGAT SANJAYATE KAMAH KAMAT KRODHOBHIJAYATE KRODHAT BHAVATI SAMMOHAH SAMMOHAT SMRITI VIBHRAMAH SMRITIBHRANSHAT BUDDHINASHO BUDDHINASHAT PRANASHYATI ( The meaning of this Sanskrit shloka ( hymn ) is that association is created just by thinking about the subject . From association ,desire comes out . If the desire is fulfilled ,the greed of more and more is created , and from the nonfulfillment of the desire , anger takes birth . From the anger one gets more and more attached and frustrated to achieve more . In this futile attempt , his memory is lost and by loosing the power of memory , his intellect is cpmpletely destroyed . In the end ,after loosing the power of intellect and intelligence ,everything concerning to him is destroyed .) ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Deep thinking reveals that the awareness and attachment go side by side . Some times attachment stimulates awareness , and some times , due to awareness ,attachment is sensed and realised . These two together upgrades the consciousness to send information to the five senses and understanding occures with the help of intelligence . From the beginning to the very high level of knowledge ,the process goes through various channels . The consciousness keeps on getting upgraded at every increasing channel . With the continuation of this process , there comes the level in the life of the indivisual when he is called the enlightened one . This process covers the same path whether the person is a Lord Buddha or a very common individual . What matters most is consistent awareness . ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Now , in the consequence , is the time to think about the abode of consciousness . To make it very clear , I would like you to think about the atmosphere . Ask a question to youself and reflect deeply and carefully ,” Where does the atmosphere , which is undoubtedly the fundamental base for the presence of life on the Earth , exist ? ” Very soon , you will get the answer that it is in the empty space . The unfathomable empty space is the lovely lap of the atmosphere . Try to imagine the time when there was no atmosphere . You know that the atmosphere also has it’s life span . There will certainly come a time when after the death of the atmosphere , it will go into the nothingness of the same empty space . This is the living proof of the Biblic ,Vedic and Scientific truth that says roaringly that ” Something came out of nothing .” ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Let us think in the same way .Your consciousness is the atmosphere of your body and your heart is the empty space to which your body is the green planet like the Earth in which rivers ( veins ) , mountains ( bones ) ,planes ( flesh ) forests ( hair ) and all the minor to major natural materials are available . When I mention the heart as empty space , it should not be taken as the biological one . Biological heart is merely a part like other organs of the planet body which comes into existence for a short while from the unseen empty space of the heart and goes into the same to make another journey . ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ You see that every individual has a heart .Try to see it in other way that every heart is an indivisual covered with various layers of organs . The heart is just in the centre of the body and provides life force to the whole body . That is why the heart is called to be the sun of the body . You see innumerable seeds come out of a plant , innumerable plants come out of the earth ,many earth like planets come out of the sun and uncountable suns/ stars are there in the universe . The absolute truth in this centripetal and centrifugal powers is that each and every micro to macro phenomenon has it’s own empty space ,that is it’s spiritual heart and creates it’s own empty space for the forthcoming entities . The most remarkable fact in the whole scenario is that each entity has it’s own consciousness which becomes the basic cause of the overall activities of the entity . One of these entities is the human species whose consciousness is far more upgraded than all others . ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ To upgrade the consciousness , the most important thing is to know that there is the existence of consciousness in the inside and outside of the body . The inside consciousness makes it’s home in the physical heart and the outside one’s abode is the empty space that is the spiritual heart . This is true that the cause of understanding and intelligence is consciousness and the cause of the upgradation of the consciousness is awareness . The absolute reality to know is that the heavenly abode of the consciousness is the heart . To know this heart is to be the supreme authority .


Published by Amar Bahadur Singh

I am a professional speaker . I deliver lectures on spiritualism . I hold workshops on Meditation ,Yoga and Dhyana . I conduct programmes on ASTRAVAKRA GITA , BHAGVAD GITA ,UPANISHAD and many other spiritual topics which become very useful corporate and spiritual domain . I conduct counselling programmes on STRESS ,DEPRESSION ,NEGATIVITIES and many other psychological problems .

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