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Heart and Mind

Mind increases stress , tensions , conflicts , negativities and depression . Heart increases love , happiness ,rest and peace . So called worldly success is the product of mind . Training the mind means conquering the worldly affairs but dropping the self into never ending troubles . Knowing and obeying the heart means being happy , healthy ,satisfied and peaceful along with conquering the worldly affairs . Choice is yours : merely training the mind or learning the heart . TO ME THE HEART IS THE ALL PROVIDER .


Your heart is the king

Think before you believe that your heart is the king of your body . Believe after deep thinking that the empire of your emperor is very vast . All the parts of your body are the physical teritories . All the organs of your body are very fertile and make both inward and outward journey . Your mind is the commander and controles the subjects not like an anarchist but by taking proper counselling from the heart . Your commander is very fickle minded . He gets deviated very easily . He falls victim of illusions very often . Because of being allured very off and on , he falls prey of tension ,anger ,jealousy ,fear ,pride and all negativities . If not put in proper discipline , he causes innumerable problems . That is why , he needs to be aligned with the emperor who issues timely orders to keep on following the systems strictly in order and properly in apt ways . If the heart as king is nourished properly ,every organ gets flourished nicely .

Mind & Man

Mind and man are not two but one . They are two aspects of a coin . Man is solid matter and mind is subtle energy . The heart of man is the very centre . The body of man is the temple and the heart is the sanctom sanctorium . The more the heart is taken care of , purified and purgated , the more the mind becomes empowered ,acute and concentrated .

Heart and wealth

Wealth is undoubtedly the most longed for thing . What is the greatest wealth of the heart ? I think money can not be the greatest wealth of the heart . You know well that blood and oxygen are the wealth of the heart . These two are necessary for the heart to exist . If only mechanical function is taken into consideration , nothing more is needed for the heart to exist . You may agree but with a doubt . You may think that animals , including humans are more than mechanical function . Alĺ the animals , including humans , have been blessed with four golden gifts equally by the nature . These four gifts are 1 – food , 2- sleep , 3- fear and 4- sex . Apply deep thinking and you will find the life in general is all about these four things . The world of individuals revolve around these four things . The existences of terror ,struggle ,fight ,sorrow and suffering , desire ,greed , worry , tension etc. and all the emotions are fundamentally based on these four natural qualities of all the species . Had these gifts not been confered to the species ,what would life have been about ? Suppose these four things are not the basic matters for humans ,for what would they worry about . Take a big pause and think about it seriously . Allow me to ask some questions in this concern —– 1- What would you desire if these four needs are not to be satisfied ? 2 – For what would you fight if these fundamental gifts are not the basic reasons ? 3- Except for these four essentials ,what would you dream , struggle and try to possess ? 4——- How many of us think beyond these natural features of the species / even of the humans ? 5——- How much time do we pay on thinking beyond these four natural instincts ? Instead of framing many questions in this regard , I would like to focus on saying that only humans have the quality of thinking beyond the natural gifts . If this gift of thinking beyond is not properly utilised , then humans can not be called better than animals . Coming to the title of this article , I would say alarmingly that the desire of possessing wealth is the faculty of only humans . This extreme hankering of amassing wealth , very much more than required is really the fundamental cause of not only the heart problems ,mental agonies ,psychic ailments and many other fatal diseases but also of the struggles , conflicts ,social unrest ,corruptions and even wars and battles . If humans, like animals are engaged in satisfying only animal instincts ,then humans are nothing more than animals . If you come to think on it seriously , you will realise very soon that most of the humans are performing only animal behaviour . That is why ,terror ,anarchy ,corruptions and ill wills of all kinds and of all fields are feralessly reigning over peace , harmony ,amicability and happiness . All these unfair things are taking place because of taking wealth in wrong , mistaken and immoral ways . The charecteristics of humans are understanding , awareness , wisdom , intelligence and upgraded consciousness . These are the real wealth of the humans . By possessing them , they develop divine qualities which make them understand the purpose of life . These divine qualities insinuate the humans to meditate on who they really are and what they should do to gain enlightenment . The realisation of true wealth that is hidden in the womb of the heart will certainly take the seekers to the living heavenly abode where sorrows , miseries , griefs pains and diseases don’t exist . This requires proper teaching and people ,specially of the modern time need this teaching most urgently . Let us make considerable efforts unitedly to impart them this education .

Teaching the heart and learning from the heart .

It is but natural to be a student to be a teacher . If you desire your heart to be teacher and guide , it ( the heart ) must have to be a student and learner . Have you ever been a teacher to your heart ? Have you ever treated your heart as a teacher ? Have you ever sought for being a guide to your heart ? Have you ever wished to be guided by your heart ? ***** The above questions may compell you to ponder over the harsh reality that we desire very easily to lead a happy life ,but we often don’t put the process of a happy life in proper order . The most relevent question , in this regard is to know what really is the process of leading a happy life . To find a genuine reconciliation , let us consider some of the points :——- ***** When we take soft values in our general behaviour , we mostly depend on mind which is trained and conditioned according to the market values . Profit , progress ,proliferation and prosperity always remain in the centre in dealing with the market values . We teach , train and condition the mind to be accute , sharp , cunning and expert in holistically profit oriented market values . While doing so , the heart is very often ignored . If the heart finds no room in market concerns , it remains illiterate , uneducated and unconditioned , yet it keeps on receiving impacts and impressions of cruel market values on it’s natural charecteristics . As human values and relationship values are deeply associated with the heart which is not paid much heed in market centred social system , it gets dejected . The consequences of this dejection is reflected as emotional weakness which results into negativities , stress , depression and heart attack . ***** —- Who is responsible for these fatal consequences ? Are the prevailing and emerging systems of the society responsible ? Are the running trends of the market responsible ? They may be , but I think the self is more responsible . I say so because it is the root responsibility of the individuals to teach the heart in the same measure as they teach their mind . It is to be noticed very carefully that most of the time , they do not teach their mind and heart , yet learning for both the mind and the heart occures . This indirect learning becomes very much more dangerous for the both , because the maximum impressions received unknowingly from the external environment and imprinted on the consciousness are nothing more than garbages and reflect robustly and devastatingly on the overall personality . ***** —- The most concerning question in this regard is about the way you teach and learn . You must notice alarmingly that teaching and learning after your formal academy is of greater values , need and importance . What you teach you receive . If you put human values in your list of life long learning of greater importance and teach your mind and heart accordingly and equally , you invite heartfully your good luck , prosperity and very healthy life style . And if you put marketization , materials and money in your learning list with greater importance ,then stress and negativities are sure to come to spoil the life . It means everything depends on your way of learning . You learn the same from your mind and heart what you teach them . Your awareness and understanding will definitely take you to a very different and healthy realm .

Dangers of the heart

Heart is always surrounded with dangers . You have to protect the heart . Innumerable , much more than your imagination , dangers are there around the heart . Inspite of your maximum effort , you can not protect it . There will surely come the time when all your efforts must have to go in vain . But this should not be taken negatively . —————- — —- – The heart is very tender and fragile . To protect it , the nature has provided very strong cover around it . It is a blessing of the nature . The most praiseworthy characteristic of the nature is that she has covered the most soft and fragile organs with the strongest parts of the body . For example , you can see the brain covered with the skull . In external looking , these protection materials make the heart and other soft organs like brain , lungs etc. Very invulnerable , but internal observation shows that it is not true . These soft organs are always surrounded with risks and dangers . Let us consider over some of the dangers . ——————- ——– Make your knowledge a strong shield . It is true that everyone can not have medical understanding of the organs of the body ,but most of us , if not everyone , should have and can have at least general understanding of the (1) nature of the body , (2) nature of the nature and (3) the relationship of the body with the nature . ——————- Shields must be made strong . For that proper understanding of the nature of the food and that of the body is essential . Atmosphere and temperature of the nature and body must be taken in proper consideration . By following these norms you keep the respiration in natural order . In being careless and unaware , the same norms become fatal dangers . ———————- Disordered life style is one of the biggest dangers for the healthy life . It causes disturbed breathing patterns and results into fatal diseases of the heart and others soft organs of the body . Meditation , undoubtedly is the best cure , but not taking it seriously adds fuel to fire . This carelessness is really a very big danger. ——————– The art of not thinking ( Dhyana ) is panacea . One should take it very seriously that Dhyana is not meditation . Infact , meditation is the process of concentrating the thoughts / energy on a single point . It is very much useful for the body . The purpose of meditation , according to Yoga , is to get mastery in Dhyana . Dhyana is the best way of the purgation of the soul . Take it for the full guarantee that Dhyana not only heals the whole body , mind , emotion and soul , but also takes the person to the enlightenment , the greatest and ultimate achievement of the human life . —————‐—– Besides countless dangers , not making full effort of having the panacea , inspite of it’s availability for everyone , is the biggest danger . Saving yourself from not only heart attack but also of all the physical and mental diseases is just at your arms’ length . Leading a healthy life only by adopting understanding and awareness is always available to everyone . Not choosing it for the ultimate advantages , I think is the biggest danger . It means that by not accepting awareness and understanding , you are giving an open invitation to all kinds of dangers .