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Does Ego Hurt the Heart ?

In general ,ego is not considered good . Most often it is regarded bad and negative . Here ,I’m not going to justify it good or bad ,harmful or advantageous and positive or negative .The purpose ,at present , is only to talk about the reality and relationship between the Ego and the Heart . ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ In the scriptures ,four non physical entities have been mentioned . They are known as MAN ( mind ) ,BUDDHI ( intellect ) , CHITTA ( consciousness ) and AHANKAR ( ego ) . These are such important entities without which humans can not be any way better than animals . If it is taken as the seniority point of view , ego comes in the last . It means ego is the most superior entity . It is the most important and the most powerful master which makes the humans realise their sense of being . The power of thinking , the power of cognition and recognition and the power of emotion can not be noticed without the power of knowing . That power of knowing is ego . This ego is the mother of all powers . ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ The Ego , along with it’s associates should have any abode . That abode is the Heart . We are taught that the biological function of the heart is the reservoir of total physical strength . Here , it is to be thought over carefully that strength is to physical entities and power is to non physical ones . That is why we call hands , legs and other physical organs strong and mind , intellect , intelligence , consciousness and non physical ones powerful . ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Can we say that ego generates power and power empowers the ego .It is definitely the ego which enables the person to know .At this level , it can never be bad and negative . It takes the form of pride when the person starts thinking that his knowership is his personal property . This is also not so bad .the worse condition is created when he thinks that he is the only knower or he is the best knower .Due to this , he underestimates other people . The worst part of it begins when he thinks that but for him ,all others can not do what he has done . This is the level of pride . It keeps on increasing arrogance . The expectations from all arround shoot up without knowing any bound . When the expectation is not fulfilled ,the person becomes angry . Hopelessness ,jealousy ,hatred ,depression , negativity as supreme commanders and with their fulfledged armies and weapons follow the anger as their king . Now the heart becomes the battle ground . Immeasurable amount of smoke of negative emotions and disruptive feelings puff up and create havoc in the sky of the heart . As the strong earthquakes cause heavy upheavels on the earth , just the same way , strong hurricanes of devastating emotional storms destroy everything of the heart to which we ,in medical term , call heart attack or failure of the heart . ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Think carefully and seriously .You will soon see that the starting point of all these emotional and mental imbalances is the ego .In the very beginning ,ego lets the person recognise and realise his sense of being .At this level ,his ego ,instead of harming ,pacifies the heart . Soon ,his sense of being takes the form of the sense of becoming which starts converting his tender ego into harsh arrogance .This is the starting point of causing bad impacts on the heart .If proper care is not taken at this point ,the condition starts going from bad to worse . If proper balance is maintained ,the same ego becomes positively progressive . ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ So , awareness and understanding are the best weapons . Making your ego useful for the heart or making it the harmful element for your heart is entirely in your hand . Remember the famous line ” Nothing is good or bad but our thinking makes it so ” and try to apply it in the practice of your daily life .


Heart is the home of consciousness

Do you know for certain that the heart is the home of consciousness ? A philospher maintains that you think , so you are . Another one says that you are , so you think . Both are right but on their own stand . You will and should take your stand . If you prefer believing that you think, so you are ,then you should ask why do you think . If you choose to say that you are , so you think , then you should ask why do you exist . ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ But these two questions will take you in different realms . Out of them , the question why do you think is the point here to be focussed on . The question how do you think answers the process of thinking which is not the subject matter at present to discuss on . ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Let us concentrate on why do you think . You think because of your awakened consciousness . Not only because of your consciousness but most specially because of your awakened consciousness . You feel . You realise . You undestand .you respond and you speak . In all these activities ,thinking is involved . Your laughing ,weeping ,crying ctc. , your being happy ,sad ,angry ,anxious etc. and your solving problems , taking oaths and resolutios and getting involved with inventions and discoveries and all other human activities involve thinking . So , the saying that you think, so you are is so because this very thinking makes you realise that you are . Had it not been so ,you would also have been like a rock or a wooden log . ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ So , thinking is of major importance which is caused by consciousness . Can we say here that consciousness is the fertile land in which the crops of consciousness grow and on which the sweet flowers of thinking bloom . If you compare this system with agriculture ,you will have to think about tilting the land ,sowing the seeds ,taking care of the crops and reaping the fruits . It means every process of cultivation should be given proper care and attention for good farming . In the same way , your heart is the land , Consciousness is the crop and thinking is the fruits . You grow different varieties of crops and reap different kinds of fruits . ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ For growing fruitful consciousness ,you need to sow good seeds of consciousness . For that good intention , careful attention ,proper awareness and farsighted understanding are the most essential ingredients . If you lack all these ingredients , then also consciousness grows but in totally splintered way ,as to grow consciousness needs association which is easily available in the human social structure . ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~From association to entire destruction , the consciousness travels through various systemetic processes . In this concern ,the most beautiful preaching of the great GITA is very well suited .Let me mention it here —- DHYAYATO VISHANPUNSHAH SANGASTESHUPAJAYATE SANGAT SANJAYATE KAMAH KAMAT KRODHOBHIJAYATE KRODHAT BHAVATI SAMMOHAH SAMMOHAT SMRITI VIBHRAMAH SMRITIBHRANSHAT BUDDHINASHO BUDDHINASHAT PRANASHYATI ( The meaning of this Sanskrit shloka ( hymn ) is that association is created just by thinking about the subject . From association ,desire comes out . If the desire is fulfilled ,the greed of more and more is created , and from the nonfulfillment of the desire , anger takes birth . From the anger one gets more and more attached and frustrated to achieve more . In this futile attempt , his memory is lost and by loosing the power of memory , his intellect is cpmpletely destroyed . In the end ,after loosing the power of intellect and intelligence ,everything concerning to him is destroyed .) ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Deep thinking reveals that the awareness and attachment go side by side . Some times attachment stimulates awareness , and some times , due to awareness ,attachment is sensed and realised . These two together upgrades the consciousness to send information to the five senses and understanding occures with the help of intelligence . From the beginning to the very high level of knowledge ,the process goes through various channels . The consciousness keeps on getting upgraded at every increasing channel . With the continuation of this process , there comes the level in the life of the indivisual when he is called the enlightened one . This process covers the same path whether the person is a Lord Buddha or a very common individual . What matters most is consistent awareness . ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Now , in the consequence , is the time to think about the abode of consciousness . To make it very clear , I would like you to think about the atmosphere . Ask a question to youself and reflect deeply and carefully ,” Where does the atmosphere , which is undoubtedly the fundamental base for the presence of life on the Earth , exist ? ” Very soon , you will get the answer that it is in the empty space . The unfathomable empty space is the lovely lap of the atmosphere . Try to imagine the time when there was no atmosphere . You know that the atmosphere also has it’s life span . There will certainly come a time when after the death of the atmosphere , it will go into the nothingness of the same empty space . This is the living proof of the Biblic ,Vedic and Scientific truth that says roaringly that ” Something came out of nothing .” ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Let us think in the same way .Your consciousness is the atmosphere of your body and your heart is the empty space to which your body is the green planet like the Earth in which rivers ( veins ) , mountains ( bones ) ,planes ( flesh ) forests ( hair ) and all the minor to major natural materials are available . When I mention the heart as empty space , it should not be taken as the biological one . Biological heart is merely a part like other organs of the planet body which comes into existence for a short while from the unseen empty space of the heart and goes into the same to make another journey . ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ You see that every individual has a heart .Try to see it in other way that every heart is an indivisual covered with various layers of organs . The heart is just in the centre of the body and provides life force to the whole body . That is why the heart is called to be the sun of the body . You see innumerable seeds come out of a plant , innumerable plants come out of the earth ,many earth like planets come out of the sun and uncountable suns/ stars are there in the universe . The absolute truth in this centripetal and centrifugal powers is that each and every micro to macro phenomenon has it’s own empty space ,that is it’s spiritual heart and creates it’s own empty space for the forthcoming entities . The most remarkable fact in the whole scenario is that each entity has it’s own consciousness which becomes the basic cause of the overall activities of the entity . One of these entities is the human species whose consciousness is far more upgraded than all others . ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ To upgrade the consciousness , the most important thing is to know that there is the existence of consciousness in the inside and outside of the body . The inside consciousness makes it’s home in the physical heart and the outside one’s abode is the empty space that is the spiritual heart . This is true that the cause of understanding and intelligence is consciousness and the cause of the upgradation of the consciousness is awareness . The absolute reality to know is that the heavenly abode of the consciousness is the heart . To know this heart is to be the supreme authority .

Hey ! ha ha ha !!! Humor heals the heart .Really ?

Hey ! Ho ho ho!!!!! ha ha ha!!!!! Let’s have humor to heal the heart . Let us not be serious as being serious is generally regarded as being sad . So ,kick away your seriousness . At least for a short while . ●● Let me invite you for playing a very short game of foolishness♤♤♤♤♤ ha ha ha ***** Step 1 — Just imagine you are saying HO HO HO HOO HOO HOO HOOOO HOOOOO HA HA loudly .Loudly loudly more loudly but without uttering a single word , no no no ,without uttering a letter . No no not even this . Without producing any sound . Do it only in your imagination . You have only to assume that you are doing it . Know it for sure that you are not doing it . No one is going to laugh at you . No one will ridicule you . No one will reprimand you ,because no one can guesss what you are really doing . So ,be free .Free from all . But but but how strange !!!! You will notice that you yourself are laughing at you . You are ridiculing and chiding yourself to you . ♧♧♧♧♧♧♧♧♧♧♧ Hidden message ~~~ You are your own critic .♧ ♧♧ Step 2 — Close your mouth . Widen your lips without opening your mouth . Let your teeth not be seen . Think that you are smiling . Feel like you are smiling . Within a moment or two , you will start smiling . Very soon , your disguised smile will be real . ♧♧♧ Hidden message ~~~ Your true happiness lies hidden in the heart . It comes out through your sweet smile . ♧♧♧ Step 3 — Be your own laughter club . Raise your hands up as you are trying to touch the sky .Say ho ho ho loudly . In the beginning you crack laughter without reason , but very soon ,it becomes very original . Do it for two or three minutes and repeat it three to five times . Enjoy it many times a day . ♧♧♧ Hidden message ~~~ Your reality is realised by you when you are alone . You may find out many methods of smile and laughter by your self . The most important is to be happy . How you become happy is of less importance . Happiness should be your focal point . Happiness is the most trusted medicine to heal the heart . Knowing it’s science is not so important . Your consciousness never bothers to think whether you know the methodology of happiness or not . For it ,only happiness is enough . Happiness is like a pill . You take it and the process of absorbing it throughout the whole body is started immediately and automatically . Happiness is very contagious. Infact , nothing is so contagious as happiness . This is very good. Take one thing more for granted that humor takes you to the level of true happiness which opens every cell of your body ,most specially of your heart to receive more and more oxygen . You know well that more oxygen means healthy heart and healthy heart makes all the organs healthy . You also know this truth that the healthy heart causes mental ,emotional and spiritual health . In consequence , this fundamental truth is revealed that happiness does not need a lot of money ,many friends and luxurious life style . What happiness needs is your awareness , understanding and your being ready to accept the reality . To provide them to heal the heart can be initiated by learning the art of humor in your daily life style . This costs nothing but results into panacea .

The most delicious food of the heart

Every one needs food . So, what is food ? Grains , plants ,flesh and species are foods . Even basic materials like earth , water , air etc. are foods . Everyone can not consume everything ,but everyone consumes something . Every one knows that life is not possible without food . ♤♤♤♤♤♤♤♤♤♤♤♤♤♤♤♤♤♤♤♤♤♤ We know that air is the vital force of life . O.K. ,but I would like you to take a second look and ask yourself if water ,fire ,earth and space are not the vital forces of life . Can life be sustained in the lack of anyone of them ? Infact ,all the things and beings exist with the mutual cooperation of all the five basic elements . In real speaking ,you can say that the very existence means proper unification of earth , air ,water , fire and space . When these five become one ,then that one is called existence which can be both thing and being . Infact , thing is the first stage of being . That is why thing and being both are foods . ♤♤♤♤♤♤♤♤♤♤♤♤♤♤♤♤♤♤♤♤♤♤ FOOD IS THE FUEL ▪︎▪︎▪︎▪︎ Body is the vehicle which can not move without fuel . The term body should not be taken as only human body . Evrything that exists is body .The mountain is a body .The tree is a body the Sun ,the moon ,stars and even smaller and smaller and bigger and bigger things and beings are bodies . All bodies as vehicles need food as fuel to move . ♤♤♤♤♤♤♤♤♤♤♤♤♤♤♤♤♤♤♤♤♤♤ BODY WITHIN THE BODY ▪︎▪︎▪︎¤ There is body within the body and within that body ,there is body . Take it from the biggest to the smallest or from the smallest to the biggest ,at every level ,you will find a body which includes a body within and itslf a body of a bigger one . The body at it’s level requires it’s kind of food . For example , we eat food which does not become flesh or bone directly . The food is ,first of all digested ,then becomes sap ,the sap becomes blood which turns into flesh and then the flesh forms the bone . In this way ,it becomes very clear that the food consumes food and becomes food of the food . ♤♤♤♤♤♤♤♤♤♤♤♤♤♤♤♤♤♤♤♤♤ FOOD OF THE HEART ¤¤¤¤ We know that oxygen that is taken through the breathings is the food of the heart . Oxygen depends on the plants which depend on carbon dioxide that is provided by the species . It is very noteworthy here that oxygen is the food / fuel of carbon dioxide which in turn is the life source of oxygen . It means plants are essential for species and species can not exist without plants . This is not all .Both , the plants and the species depend on the Earth which is in the water .They all together and as one entity moves without break in the space . And look at the total entity which is the food of time . ♤♤♤♤♤♤♤♤♤♤♤♤♤♤♤♤♤♤♤♤ THE THOUGHT ABOVE ALL ▪︎▪︎▪︎▪︎▪︎ The most important thing for us to notice very carefully is that we are enriched with enhanced consciousness .We can upgrade it upto very extreme level . Due to this uplifted level of consciousness , we can transcend the materials , plants and species creations and take our thoughts to the soul level where with the help of mind’s eye , every secret of the creation or evolution of life is seen and understood so crystle clear that nothing remains unmanifested . At this level ,a genuine lesson is learnt that the question of the most important is irrelevent .Every thing is important to every thing directly or indirectly . ♤♤♤♤♤♤♤♤♤♤♤♤♤♤♤♤♤♤♤♤♤♤ ONLY ‘ ONE ‘ IS THERE ☆☆☆☆☆ There is no second . There is the existence of only one . That ‘ one ‘ is not so difficult that it can not be grasped . We often think about ‘ many ‘ . Now , let us think about the ‘ one ‘. We know that there are many organs in the body . Interconnectedly , they make a body . There are many bodies ( of species , plants and materials ) on the Earth . They all are interconnected with the space . In this way , they unitedly make one Earth . In the same way all the planets ,stars ,galaxies and universes are enjoiñed to one another with the space . We do not know and perhaps we can never know about the supreme biggest ONE in which everything known upto now by humans is existing . We do not also know and perhaps can not know the supreme smallest ONE which , according to the scientists , is considered to be the building blocks of life . Based on this fact ,it is to be said with the absolute truth that every thing is in between the unknown macro and unknown micro . Even the most uplifted and purgated human imagination can not think about the before of the first before ,nor can anyone think about the after of the last after . ♤♤♤♤♤♤♤♤♤♤♤♤♤♤♤♤♤♤♤♤ HEART IS THE FOOD RESERVOIR ¤¤¤¤¤ All the evolved or developed or created forms must have a resource of empowered energy . That is the fundamental reservoir of all the gaining and gained powers . That central point is the heart . Let it be in the human body or in the small insect . The heart is surely to be in the biggest natural creation and also in the tiny bacteria and virus . The heart is undoubtedly the base of life .Where there is heart , there is life . It can be taken in the opposite way too ,as where there is life , there is heart . ♤♤♤♤♤♤♤♤♤♤♤♤♤♤♤♤♤♤♤♤♤♤ NOW THINK OF THE FOOD OF THE HEART ¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤ The term delicious is human’s perception . Good or bad ,sweet or bitter and virtue or vice are limited to the tongue of specially humans . So ,in the connection of the heart ,the term delicious is not suitable . The heart receives the essence from the whole body and energises each and every organ of the body . So ,to strengthen and empower the heart , all the activities concerning to the healthy life must be focused very carefully . Thinking pattern ,social behaviour ,family culture ,life style ,religious dogmas and spiritual awareness are but a few aspects which put impacts on the heart . These impacts ,along with the generally known vital force ,are also the foods of the heart . The SANSKAR ( imprints) is the most talked about term ,but very few are aware of the Sanskar . Here ,in brief ,I mention that there are seven stages where sanskaras are formed . In the ascending order ,they are 1- Awareness , 2- Understanding , 3- Information , 4- Knowledge 5-Intelligence 6- Wisdom and 7- Genes . The Sanskaras keep on upgrading at every ascending stage and degrading at every descending stage and keep on putting impacts of sanskaras ceaselessly on the heart accordingly . Only spiritually enriched persons can uplift the sanskaras and strengthen the heart by providing properly nourished food of sanskaras to the heart . Those who are devoid of spiritual nourishment are bound to weaken the heart and unknowingly as well as unnoticingly they are compelled to be the victims of innumerable physical and mental diseases . ♤♤♤♤♤♤♤♤♤♤♤♤♤♤♤♤♤♤♤♤♤ ONCE AGAIN THE BEST FOOD OF THE HEART ¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤ Though the heart makes no preference , yet it is absolutely true that good and positive thoughts are the best and most delicious food of the heart . Undoubtedly truth is this also that spirituality is the one and only reservoir of positive thought . If one is really eager to strengthen and empower the heart and make his life beautiful , he must have to take the sacred shelter of spirituality .

Are you extinguishing your fire of the heart ?

Can there be fire without fuel ? In feasible terms ,we almost know the fuels of existing fires . But the question indicates the fire of the heart . What is the fuel of the fire of the heart ?  Is it the breathings ? Yes ,you are right ,no ,take a pause for a moment . You may be right .                                   Just think about the breathings . It is a form of air . Can air exist without fire ?No ,not at all. Air is the fuel of fire .  So ,you know that fire can not be there without air and air can not come into being without fire ,as ,fire is the fuel of air and both can not exist without the sky .               In the entirely empty sky the thing that first  emerged is the heart ,not a physical one but a non physical centre of attraction that we can call heart as this very heart is the centre of all attractions of the body . Assume your body as a universe which is governed and controlled by the heart . Assume once again the universe as a body to control and govern which ,there must be a heart ,that is it’s central point .Heat of the heart ,like the centre / heart of the universe ,is the cause of the air and empty space is the cause of it’s movement . In this condition ,what is the fundamental fuel of the fire of the heart ?  Is it the air or sky or any other force of the outer realm ? As long as logics permit us ,we keep on saying that something is the fuel of something . Such as the heart . We say that Prana / the vital force / breathing/ air is the fuel of the heart . This is true . But think a bit more deeply . Is Prana the same as the air outside and the breathing inside ? No, it is not the same ,because at the moment of death ,when the heart starts lacking breath ,any external air can not be supplied to it . In the same way any other one’s breath is not useful to the dead one . So ,it is sure that Prana is more than breathings .Calling it the vital force is absolutely right . So , Prana is the fuel not only of the heart but also of the life . Where there is a living entity ,there is Prana . It means ,Prana is the life of every organism ,be it humans ,animals and plants . Now ,the question arises , what is the fuel of the Prana ? Is it the almighty or god or sky ? All are the same and indicate the same supreme power which is considered to be beyond the imagination of human being ,yet calling him the vital force seems to be more feasible ,logical and scientific . It often comes into observation that when some one pursues his ambition ,the fire of his heart is ignited highly and consumed fully . When some one nourishes his tension ,stress ,jealousy ,revenge ,anger and sense of enemity with negative thinkings ,he provides very less fuel to the fire . It is so ,because negative thoughts drain out the energy of the heart very rapidly and the heart looses it’s inflamation power due to receiving very less fuel . This is how we extinguish the fire of the heart . All the efforts ,engaged to grab the maximum material eat away the vital force of the heart .Due to stupid unawareness and extreme carelessness ,we let it happen . This is how we extinguish the fire of the heart . We mostly pass our life with erroneous and careless life styles of the unconsidered thoughts of eating ,drinking and being merry worse than animals which invite innumerable diseases . By doing so ,we make the heart highly and fiercely inflamable . This is really how we extinguish the fire of the heart . Besides these , we do so many other things which we should not do and do not do what we should do . The most important thing in this connection is to think about the most trustworthy and long lasting fuel of the heart . That fuel is undoubtedly the empty sky / space . It is a must for us to learn the art of providing empty space to the heart . For this ,it is essential to learn that the heart is the Sun of the body . Infact ,the heart is a micro Sun and the Sun is a macro heart . Both are same and function alike . Both need enough empty space to function freely . This comparision is only for understanding the reality . The matter belongs to us . We have to learn how to provide empty space to the heart . After all ,every effort of humans should be to maintain a healthy life . For this ,the first and foremost essentiality is to free the mind from thoughts . A himalayan task for most of us is how to set the mind free from thoughts . The more we try not to think ,the more thoughts pour into the mind . It is true ,but the bigger truth is that not thinking is not the way to control the mind . The accumulated thoughts since the birth must have to come . Let them come and go . Be fully aware that they are coming and going . Don’t let them be stored in the mind . The second rule is to pay full attention on the thought . Try to catch a single thought and go into it’s deepest root . Very soon you will find that going into the thought and remainig there is very very difficult ,but the constant practice of atleast twenty one days will make it easy . This is the way of controlling the thought . If you become successful in this mission ,you will come to realise the worth and worthlessness of the thought . Now,you will be able to treat the thought usefully and purposefully . In doing so ,you will be able to save your lots of energy / fuel that might have been miused unnecessarily . The third rule is to think that you are somewhere between the micro and macro of the one and only one universe . You are nowhere stagnant . You are constantly flowing . In this case ,the ideas of controlling the mind , efforts of bringing stability in life ,the ego of being some one particular ,attempts of earning immeasurable riches and maintaining prestigious and pompous life will seem to be nothing but stupidity . This sense will bring peace and harmony in life and will certainly be the cause of saving your fuel of the heart . The last rule is to ponder over the reality that the bigger and bigger space is necessary for receiving ceaseless fuel for the fire of the heart . The bigger sky in you is your bigger consciousness which must not be covered by black clouds of negative thoughts . These are but a few and very important lessons to learn . By adopting them carefully in your precious life you will not let your fire / fuel / energy of the heart distinguish .

Bleeding Heart

Mind game is going on . The heart interferes but fails . Mind is the battle ground . Nowhere is seen a sigh of relief .The brain becomes the store house of rubbish thoughts and projects without break the burning rays of emotions . No rest for the heart from fierce attacks .Will the heart not bleeding ? It bleeds . It is bleeding . It needs help but not getting . It fails .you call it HEART ATTACK .It is now a pandemic . Be very careful . Listen attentively to the ☆☆☆☆☆GREAT CALL OF HUMANITY••••••• S A V E H E A R T .

Whose wishes come from the heart ?

Where does the wish come from ? Does it come from the heart or from the mind ? What happens when it comes from the mind ? What happens when it comes from the heart ? Before I say something about it ,let me say something about how to recognize them separately . Some social wishes are there which we utter mostly to our kiths and kins and generally to the familiars . Such as ‘Good luck ‘ , ‘ Happy journey ‘ ,’ Happy birthday ‘ and so on . Such wishes are expressed on the particular occassion of the individual and are very limited . Such wishes may have come from the heart . They may have come from the mind also if there is the mixture of jealousy ,hatred and selfishness in the wish . There are some personal wishes . Such as ,’ May you live long !’ , ‘ May you be healthy soon ! ‘ and so on . Such wishes are like blessings . It depends on accumulated emotions and may not be expressed equally to all . There are some festival wishes , such as , ‘Happy Dipavali ! ‘ , ‘ ‘ Happy Independence Day !’ and so on .Such wishes are not more than fulfilling formality . Including these and other liking wishes into one ,I would like to put them in the catagery no. One . In this catagery ,the wishes can not be distinguished clearly as from where ( from the mind or from the heart ) do they come ? I would like to focus on the second catagery of wishes that remain hidden . No one would dare express them openly . What one wishes individually or openly to the audiences from the stage is entirely different from the wish which he does not express or he can not express . Infact , such wish wears no word . For example ,suppose a doctor gives counselling to the patient .He advises ,motivates and wishes for him by saying that he will be recovered soon . Ok. this is very common . Can the same doctor wish by saying ,” May no one anywhere fall ill ! ” or ” May all the diseases diminish from the Earth ” Even if he expresses such wishes publically , will they be coming from the heart ? Can he be able to assure the people that he is wishing from the heart ? Will he not be afraid of the consequences of the overall business of the medicine . Every thing concerning to it will not exist any more . What will he and ilking others do then ? In the same way ,the military / police / defence officers can not wish for total anihilation of crime ,corruption ,battles and wars ,but the harsh reality is that they can not even express it . The same happens in every branch of life . What does it mean then ? Can wish not be exprssed from the heart ? Is wish not expressed from the heart ? No ,it is not so . Wish is expressed and can be expressed from the heart . The only and the most important thing is to learn how to wish from the heart . With malice , cunningness and selfishness , the wish comes from the mind and puts no impact . The wish from the heart is one that is pure . For that , it is essential to purify the heart . Without transcending the duality ,purification of the heart is not possible . There are many patterns in the Upanishads ( sacred spiritual scriptures ) ,by following them the heart is first purified and then purgated .The wish from the purgated heart becomes prayer . It has been approved long ago by William Shakespeare that ” More things are wrought by prayer than this world dreams of .” Indian saints of the ancient period have already proved it and have declared authoritatively that all the desires can be fulfilled by the heartful wish . Let us wish heartfully for the wellbeing of the whole humanity .

Only heart can set you free

Body needs pleasure . Mind needs intellect . Physical heart seeks emotions . You seek fitness for the body . You expect acuteness for the mind . You hope good relationship for the heart . All your anticipations are not fulfilled . The life becomes miserable . Life free from miseries ,sorrows and worries is really a happy life . Surrender yourself to the heart ,the spiritual heart . You will achieve what you desire . You will receive what you want . You will be what you want to be . Your heart is your K A L P A V R I K S H A . Your heart will set you free . Free from everything is salvation . Free from everything is enlightenment . Your heaven is your heart . Your heart will take you to the heaven . This is guaranteed .

Your success depends on your fire of the heart .

Who on the earth does not want to be successful .? The damn desire of success knows no bound . But the burning question remains hidden in the heart of every individual .

How to succeed ?

Does everyone succeed ? This is a million dollar question . This is relevent even to those who determine not to leave single stone unturned .

Success can be guaranteed by igniting the fire of the heart . Peep into the history of every walk of life and you will find that those who are shining as successful have ignited their fires upto a very higher level .Such fiery fellows are named as enthusiastic ,crazy , ambitious and even mad . Infact , every emotion is a fire that is generated from the heart . The fire is everything and is in everything . The temperature of your body is a fire . Your heart beats due to fire .The blood in the veins flows because of the fire . Your speech comes out through the mouth due to the fire . You get food due to the fire .Food is the fire . Water without which life is not possible is fire . Air that is the vital force of life is fire . The earth and all the solid materials on it is fire . The soul of the oceans is fire called ‘ Varavanal ‘. The very root of the body is ‘ Jatharagni ‘. The very base of knowledge known as ‘CONSCIOUSNESS’ is the most subtle form of fire . What is not fire ? Every thing is fire .that is why Fire is worshipped in all the religions . Considering this , the UPANISHAD declares it the omnipotent and omnipresent by saying ,AGÑIRYATHAIKO BHUVANAM PRATISTHO , RUPAM RUPAM PRATIRUPAM BABHOOVA | EKOVASHI SARVABHUTANTARATMA , RUPAM RUPAM PRATRUPAM VAHISCHA || It means that one and only one Agni ( fire) takes innumerably different forms and resides everywhere in the universe . In the same way one and only one almighty God takes innumerably different forms and makes his abode in the heart of all the creatures . How fantastic it is that the heart is the centre of the fire that is almighty . How can then , any thing not be done by the man who is the possessor of the heart ,the reservoir of the almighty Fire (Agni). But the fire is dangerous as well . It can burn everything to ashes . Proper use of fire is to be learnt properly . Otherwise ,it will devastate the entire life . Anger ,jealousy ,sorrow ,grief ,hatred are such emotional fire that burn the self and cause separatedness from the others . This burning fire sucks your energy rapidly and in no time makes you tired and fatigued .You find yourself very far from achieving your goal as your soul is splintered due to the scattering energy of your body and mind . In this hotch potch condition your soul gets poisioned and heart gets wounded . The wounded heart cause the cells of your body die rapidly . You know well that the dead cells cause not only cancer but also almost all the diseases . This is not all . Such devastating burning fire causes mental problems also ,such as stress ,depression and all other psychological ailments . So ,turn to the root and ask from where did this negative fire come ? Surely from the heart . Now ask another question why did this negative fire come into being . Undoubtedly because of your unawareness and ignorance of the fire of the heart . Think intelligently and honestly how can one who dreams success in the desirous branch be successful ? Will his breezy dream not be flown away by the stormy negative fire ? What to do then ? The very first and foremost thing to do is to develop the sense of understanding and awareness about the fire of the heart . Love ,peace of mind ,kindheartedness ,sympathetic social behaviour ,simple and natural life style and positive thinking are but a few ways of keeping the fire of the heart in a cool condition . Energy which is the subtle form of fire must be concentrated . You know that without concentrated energy ,positive result is not possible . Your memory and imagination are more subtle form of energy . If the memory squanders aimlessly in the past ,it misuses the energy unknowingly by you . It’s unawareness makes you so dull minded that you become unable to recall necessary information . Learning important lessons and reading essential books between the lines become a Himalayan task . In the same way ,uncontrolled and unplanned imagination makes you a day dreamer . Let me remind you that imagination is also the most subtle form of energy which is wasted into the unknown abyss if not given a well decided proper direction . It can be said that the power of memory and imagination is the energy or say fire which can devastate the entire life if not nourished and shaped properly . If you learn to put this fire in your control ,it can make your life beautiful and everything that you desire will be under your feet . The consequent line in this regard is that through knowing the fire of your heart properly you can do what you like ,you can get what you desire and you can be what you want to be . Yes ,you can know . Why not start today ?

The truth in the heart is covered by golden lies

Some people like facts . Some like fictions . Some others  have  no  concerns  with  the both . Those  who  have  no  concerns  are  of  two kinds –1-Ignorant and 2- Enlightened .                                                                     Enlightened ones are also of two kinds –       1– Intellectual     and    2– Intelligent                  Intellectuals believe on five senses  .  They believe on what they see ,hear ,smell ,taste and touch . They use mind to justify their sensual experiences . They regard facts of physical entity and call them or say , think them truth . The second type of people are intelligent ones . The centre of all attractions of such people is the heart . Besides believing on sense experiences ,they pay more and more attention and focus on the non physical entities . Self realisation and upgradation of the consciousness are the realms where they concentrate maximumly . They have categarized the statement in three forms , such as – facts ,truth and rit . Facts and truth are used in worldly affairs and ‘ rit’ is a Vedic term used in spiritual sense . These three terms must be understood clearly . The fact is the individual point of view . Different people present different facts . While describing the religion ,hundreds and hundreds of facts can be presented . They all can not be true ,but they exist .                                                                Truth is a bigger term . It is also a worldly term . The human world is always taken in relative term . It means everything in the entire existence has two sides . Whatsoever is said in the worldly affairs must have to have two poles  .  It means ,  without the duality ,nothing in the world can exist . Such as north and south ,pain and pleasure ,day and night  and so on . So ,such statements are half true and half false . The worldly truth can not be absolute truth . Even those which we call universal truth is not truth at all . Such as we say ,” The  Sun rises in the east .”  Everyone knows that the Sun only seems to rise due to the revolving and rotational nature of the Earth . So ,what seems is totally false but true in the worldly point of view .  Now ,let’s think about the ‘ rit ‘ . The absolute truth can be revealed by the ‘rit ‘. The rit can also be called a statement but not of dual nature . The rit can not have conflict .  Such as, ”  The Sun is the source of all the things and beings .”  and    “Oxygen is necessary for life “. Such statements are beyond duality and religion .                                                                  This is but a little bit description to clear the differences between the fact and truth and truth and rit . Keeping this point in view ,the great  ‘vedic rishi ‘ declares that                         ” HIRANMAYEN   PATREN   SATYSYAPIHITAM  MUKHAM  “.  It means that the truth / the absolute truth remains hidden by the  golden covers of the lies . It is very necessary to present it’s proper intrpretation ,otherwise ,it may fail to make the clear sense . The rit as absolute truth  ,remains hidden in the heart of each individual and the worldly or relative   truths and  facts are the golden covers which surround the heart in innumerable layers . These truths and facts are called golden because they are very lovely to the human beings. It is very difficult / nearly impossible for them to get rid of .  While talking about the mythologies , people make relative truth and fact their central point . Mythological stories are often based on the cultural ,traditional ,social and geographical conditions which vary from place to place and language to language . The big point in this regard is that the stories narrated through this way boast of revealing the truth . People receive the truth of very local level . That is why ,religions , from the very beginning of their emergence ,are always in fight . They keep on painting different layers of plasters on the truth that is one . But that omnipotent one is not revealed because  of the layer by layer selective truths which are too lovely for the people to quit .      But that absolute reality is revealed by uncovering the golden layers of the lies . That becomes possible by stepping into the kingdom of the heart which is the abode of the absolute truth . The process of stepping into the heart is known as opening the doors of reality . This breaking away of the golden layers of lies and revealation of the truth becomes possible by the true paths of spirituality . This is also called the opening of the heart . The essence of total spirituality is that through knowing ,understanding and being aware of the heart ,we can make the humanity more healthy and prosperous . We worship God  and desire to be divine and enlightened to complete this very purpose of life . Let us seek the blessings together .